The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. Du Bois Du Bois was one of those people who studied and learned a lot of things about the world, a lot of things that he found to be extremely unjust. This became his source of energy for becoming an intellectual guide for America, warning it of "the 20th century color problem" and suggesting sound and rational courses of action for the country to take. His contention was expressed lyrically and with passion in The Souls of Black Folk that he wrote in 1903. His
The Mysteries of the Sonnets Vargo 1 William Shakespeare?s sonnets may have been the best poetry ever written. The sonnets are beautifully written with many different feelings expressed in them. Although they may have been the most autobiographically written poems of all time, they still present a number of questions. Many Elizabethan historians and Shakespeare enthusiasts often wonder who Shakespeare was writing about when he wrote the sonnets. There are three main questions which come to mind
Entertainment and Education Both entertainment and education have been integrals parts of the human experience since the beginnings of time. Many scholars insist that the two institutions often serve jointly, with entertainers and entertainment serving as a main source of education. There is little argument, then, that in addition to generally appealing to the masses, entertainers have regularly fulfilled the role of a teacher to typically unsuspecting audiences. Entertainers have served as edu
Incessant Desire -Symbolism of a poem, painting and song When I was younger, I lost my boyfriend in a terrible car accident that could not be avoided. I tried to convince myself that I was only dreaming ; but the truth was he was gone and id never, ever see him again. Dante Gabriel Rossetties,?Beata Beatrix?, brings back awful memories I would rather leave in the past. The woman takes up the majority of the painting .A vision of beauty , but also of death, love but most of all despair. Christin
Jim Morrison " The Doors. There's the known. And there's the unknown. And what separates the two is the door, and that's what I want to be. Ahh wanna be th' door. . ." - Jim Morrison Jim Morrison is often thought of as a drunk musician. He is also portrayed to many as an addict and another 'doped up' rock star. These negative opinions project a large shadow on the many positive aspects of this great poet. Jim's music was influenced heavily by many famous authors. You must cast aside your ignora
Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson is one of the most well known poets of her time. Though her life was outwardly uneventful, what went on inside her house behind closed doors is unbelievable. After her father died she met Reverend Charles Wadsworth. She soon came to regard him as one of her most trusted friends, and she created in his image the ?lover? whom she was never to know except in her imagination. It is also said that it was around 1812 when he was removed to San Fransico that she began h
"She Walks in Beauty" George Gordon Noel Byron's poem titled, "She Walks in Beauty," plainly put, is a love poem about a beautiful woman and all of her features. The poem follows a basic iambic tetrameter with an unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable that allows for a rhythm to be set by the reader and can be clearly seen when one looks at a line: She walks / in beau / ty like / the night. T.S. Eliot, an American poet criticizes Byron's work by stating the poem, "needs to be read
The Poetry of E. E. Cummings E. E. Cummings, who was born in 1894 and died in 1962, wrote many poems with unconventional punctuation and capitalization, and unusual line, word, and even letter placements - namely, ideograms. Cummings' most difficult form of prose is probably the ideogram; it is extremely terse and it combines both visual and auditory elements. There may be sounds or characters on the page that cannot be verbalized or cannot convey the same message if pronounced and not read. Fo
Literature - a Mirror of Society The literature of a country is affected and influenced by how the people of that country live. This paper will prove that The French Revolution greatly influenced 19th Century French Romanticism. First, the cultural values of the revolution will be identified. Then, the different aspects of Romanticism will be presented. The cultural values of The French Revolution and Romanticism will then be linked. Finally, literary examples will be shown to support this conn
Ceremonies in "The Waste Land" Ceremonies are prevalent throughout T.S. Eliot?s poem "The Waste Land". Eliot relies on literary contrasts to illustrate the specific values of meaningful, effectual rituals of primitive society in contrast to the meaningless, broken, sham rituals of the modern day. These contrasts serve to show how ceremonies can become broken when they are missing vital components, or they are overloaded with too many. Even the way language is used in the poem furthers the point
Dulce et Decorum Est Based on the Poem "Dulce et Decorum Est" by Wilfred Owens The poem is one of the most powerful ways to convey an idea or opinion. Through vivid imagery and compelling metaphors, the poem gives the reader the exact feeling the author wanted. The poem "Dulce et Decorum Est," an anti-war poem by Wilfred Owen, makes great use of these devices. This poem is very effective because of its excellent manipulation of the mechanical and emotional parts of poetry. Owen's use of exact d
The Hospital Window The death of a loved one can put unimaginable stress on the loved ones of the deceased. This stress can make one's life chaotic and unpleasant for long periods of time if the mourners do not underezd the death. James Dickey, who believes, "poetry is the center of the creative wheel," wrote the poem, "The Hospital Window". The relationship between mourners and death becomes apparent in this "simple 54-line poem . . . about a parent's dying as a transformative experience, and
Dante's Canto XXVIII Dante begins the opening of Canto XXVIII with a rhetorical question. Virgil and he have just arrived in the Ninth Abyss of the Eighth Circle of hell. In this pouch the Sowers of Discord and Schism are continually wounded by a demon with a sword. Dante poses a question to the reader: Who, even with untrammeled words and many attempts at telling, ever could recount in full the blood and wounds that I now saw? (Lines 1-3) The rhetorical question draws the reader into the passa
The True Story of a Black Youth's Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa Mark Mathabane I. Main Characters A. Johannes (Mark) Mathabane--Kaffir Boy revolves around Johannes for the simple reason that he is the author of this book. Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa was especially hard for Johannes. Johannes is very smart and graduated at the top of his class during his 13 years of schooling in apartheid South Africa. Johannes has had a lot of courage and perseverance throughout his life.
The Anglo Saxon Period I. The Anglo Saxon Period 449-1066 1. The A-S people were highly organized into tribal units.2. They were pagan people who placed their belief in fate.3. The Christian belief came to Britain when the roman people came.4. Christianity brought with it the beginning of education and written literature.5. When the Vikings invaded Britain they burned many religious manuscripts and other religious literature.6. The A-S cronicle is our principal source of info on early english l
Interrogations of Chinese Immigrants at Angel Island Chinese immigration, after being shut down for many years by governmental legislation and an anti- Chinese climate resumed quickly after 1906. The major earthquake and fire that occurred in San Francisco lent the Chinese immigrants a window of opportunity to regain entrance to America. Immigrants could now claim, without proof, that they were indeed the son or daughter of a citizen or a partner in a legitimate business. These paper sons and p
Famous People of the Civil War Ullysses S. Grant Ulysses Simpson Grant served effectively with Zachary Taylor's army at Monterey during the Mexican war. Right when the war began Grant obtained a position on the staff of General George McClellan. During the war he showed courage in both physically and morally manners. In February 1862 Grant captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson with help from the Federal navy. In October he was appointed commander of the Department of Tennessee, and told to take
jenn neff A day in the life of an ancient Athenian Welcome to Athens, the marvel of Greece! The city which is the fountainhead of beauty, wisdom and knowledge. Even as your ship approaches the Athenian harbor Piraeus, you can see the marble monuments of the Acropolis and the shining golden edge of the spear, which belongs to the gigantic statue of the goddess Pallas Athene. This is one of the greatest works of the sculptor Phidias, and symbolizes both the power and justice of the "violet city"
UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA Facultad de Humanidades y Educaci?n Escuela de Idiomas Modernos Departamento de Ingl?s Cultura, Temas y Textos 2 2do lapso ? 2009-2010 Profesor: Reygar Bernal POSTMODERNISM By ROBERT B.RAY Because in common usage the word ?modern? simply means ?contemporary?, the term ?postmodernism? has seemed, from the start, like the vocabulary of science fiction. How, after all, can something which exists now be said to come after the present? The word?s apocalyptic tone, its
jHave you read poems that have some differences and similarities? I am comparing the poems ?Invictus? and ?Still I Rise?. I am also comparing the writers Maya Angelou and William Ernest Henley. There are a lot of differences and similarities between the two poems and the two writers. The differences between the two writers of the poems are that Maya Angelou wrote the poem ?Still I Rise? and William Ernest Henley wrote the poem ?Invictus?. William E. Henley had tuberculosis when he was a little b
postcolonial literature-For over half a century the poetry of Judith Wright provided Australians with words to explore the spiritual dimension of their land, its people and history. In this she was no sentimentalist. In her poem, At Cooloobah (1955), she speaks for all European peoples who have inhabited Australia: "I'm a stranger come of a conquering people." This sense of Australian alienation from the land and victimization of its first peoples is dominant throughout her writing and actions.
Biography Works Cited Kershner, R. B., Jr. ?Dylan (Marlais) Thomas? Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Dramatists Since World War II. Ed. Stanley Weintraub. Vol. 13. Detroit: Gale Research, 1982. Literature Resource Center. Web. 24 February 2010. Middleton, David E. ?Dylan (Marlias) Thomas.? Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Poets, 1914-1945. Ed. Donald E. Stanford. Vol. 20. Detroit: Gale Research, 1983. Literature Resource Center. Web. 1 March 2010. Dylan Thomas has been known fo
osman ?ld? ben kacar "Goblin Market" Christina Georgina Rossetti Poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894), composed in 1859 and published in 1862 in Goblin Market and Other Poems. See also, Christina Georgina Rossetti Criticism. INTRODUCTION "Goblin Market," an early work considered to be one of Rossetti's masterpieces, was intended simply as a fairy story. Despite Rossetti's assertions that she meant nothing profound by the tale, its rich, complex, and suggestive language has caused the
Donald Greer Dr. Beverly Fischer English 1302 12 November 2010 John Updike?s ?A & P? The A & P grocery store in John Updike?s ?A & P? offers the reader a realistic setting for the story. Updike allows one to view the store through the protagonist Sammy?s narration. Throughout the story Sammy is obsessed with three young girls in bathing suits. This is not unusual for a young man. What is unusual is that Sammy allows this obsession to end his longtime employment. Sammy?s employment with the groce
In Charles Bukowski?s, The People Look Like Flowers At Last, the reader is drawn into the author?s tumultuous lifestyle through freeform poetry. At first glance, this collection may seem geared towards a more adult audience. However, upon further examination the book reveals itself to be a striking chronicle of human experiences, universal themes, and timeless struggles that appeal to every human, regardless of age or wisdom. Taken as a whole, the book appears to be much more than a sum of its r
Jahrbuch der Charles-Bukowski-Gesellschaft 2009 74 BukScene #1 The Birth of a Literary Magazine An interview with Jocelyne Desforges & Jan Hallers The authors are the founders of a new international magazine on Bukowski and related poets. Here they talk about their experiences creating that magazine. Hello Jocelyne and Jan, you're from very different countries, Canada and the Netherlands. Still you both have gathered to start a magazine together. A magazine about Bukowski. You called it 'BUK-SCE
Gwendolyn Brooks was born on June 7, 1917, in Topeka, Kansas, the eldest child of Keziah (Wims) Brooks, a schoolteacher, and David Anderson Brooks, a janitor, who, because he lacked the funds to finish school, did not achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. Brooks grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents often read to her and encouraged her to do well in school, but she was a shy girl. According to George Kent, she was "spurned by members of her own race because she lacked social or athletic ab
The Attack on Socrates In order to understand what happened during the trial of Socrates it might help to have a better idea of what Socrates background. Plato was the pupil of Socrates. Little is known of Socrates because it is believed that Socrates never wrote anything. What we know of what Socrates might have said is from Plato. The Apology is the clearest picture of Socrates trial for impiety and corrupting the youth. As Socrates states in his trial (paragraph 1 line 7 page 780) "for I am s
Sonnet 130 is the poet's pragmatic tribute to his uncomely mistress, commonly referred to as the dark lady because of her dun complexion. The dark lady, who ultimately betrays the poet, appears in sonnets 127 to 154. Sonnet 130 is clearly a parody of the conventional love sonnet, made popular by Petrarch and, in particular, made popular in England by Sidney's use of the Petrarchan form in his epic poem Astrophel and Stella. If you compare the stanzas of Astrophel and Stella to Sonnet 130, you wi
Creativity and the Traditional Workshops National University- Dr. Shaiyla Hakeem March 28, 2010 Creativity can be defined in several different ways. Creativity is a natural ability that cannot be taught, only improved upon. Levels of creativity vary from person to person due to life experiences, demographics, gender, openness and barriers that may inhibit imagination. Traditional workshops may not be the best means for enhancing creativity for everyone, but it is essential for growing and expand
Poetry Analysis of T.S Elliot The Hollow Men The Epigraphs There are two epigraphs in the beginning of this poem. One of the Epigraphs comes from Joseph?s Conrad?s novel The Heart of Darkness and the other is from an old folk song. The epigraph from The Heart of Darkness can connect with many ideas and images in ?The Hollow Men? itself. The line ?Mistah Kurtz--- head dead.? shows a person's recognition of death and also hints at the over arching goal of the free verse poem, which is to make lang
Art movements originate from the need of people to express their reactions to political, social and religious changes. The aim of this expression is to illustrate the artist?s perspective on matters. The Futurism movement is unparalleled in modern art with its aggressive and bold manner. Futurism was born in the heart of Italy in the early 20th Century. Powerful and shameless, these artists asserted their discontent with modern society. They criticised traditional conventionalism and demanded so
Poetry Analysis: "Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God, For You" John Donne\'s "Batter My Heart, Three-Personed God, For You" is an Italian sonnet written in iambic pentameter. The poem is about a man who is desperately pleading with his God to change him. He feels imprisoned by his own sinful nature and describes himself as betrothed to the "Enemy" of God, namely Satan. The speaker has a truly passionate longing to be absolutely faithful to his God, but at the same time is rendered hopeless by t
The arts are a vast subdivision of culture, composed of many endeavors (or artforms) united by their employment of the human creative impulse. The term implies a broader range of disciplines than "art", which in modern usage usually refers only to the visual arts.[1] The other major constituents of the arts are the literary arts, more often called literature ? including poetry, novels and short stories, among others ? and the performing arts, among them music, dance, magic, theatre, opera and fi
Alexis Stanley Poetry analysis A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning Rare? that is the word that comes to mind when the words ?true, eternal love? meet the ear. It is rare to find two people who are so in love that even they know not what it is, but the spirit and essence of such a pure feeling envelopes their souls into one. The metaphysical poem ?A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning? by John Donne cracks open the door into comprehending the ambiguous, complex meaning of true love by using imagery,
Prophet Muhaammad A slightly edited excerpt from Introduction to Islam by Muhammad Hamidullah In the annals of men, individuals have not been lacking who conspicuously devoted their lives to the socio-religious reform of their connected peoples. We find them in every epoch and in all lands. In India, there lived those who transmitted to the world the Vedas, and there was also the great Gautama Buddha; China had its Confucius; the Avesta was produced in Iran. Babylon gave to the world one of the
Discourse College of Languages and Translation, Linguistics Discourse Analysis: The Effects of Listener’s Identity on the Speaker’s Language Research Methodology December 18, 2012 Abstract The study investigates the effects of the listener’s identity on the speaker’s language. In fact, the paper claims that the listener’s social identity, such as power position, gender differences and young age, determines the speaker’s language, somehow. It mainly discusses how the listener’s power, gender and
Eternal Consequences of Choices in Alfred Lord Tennyson “Tithonus” The Victorian Era was a time of artistic imagination, innovation, and sophistication. Nonetheless, this was also a period of divergence and revolution. There was a distinct representation between a fairly poor person and a fairly wealthy person. The poetry of this era was filled with emotion, which reflected resilient metaphors of love, gloominess, romance and splendor. Alfred Lord Tennyson was among the most well-known of Victor
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A Clean Well Lighted Place by Ernest Hemmingway A Clean Well Lighted Place by Ernest Hemmingway “A Clean Well-Lighted Place,” written by Ernest Hemmingway, takes place after 2am in a Spanish café where the characters a young waiter and an older waiter work, and a deaf man is a regular customer. The title, “A Clean Well-Lighted Place,” refers to the café where the story takes place. The night (or early morning) this story takes place, the young waiter is in a rush to get home to his wife. Althoug
Why Lovers Can Be Friends I find myself asking the question is there a friend in that of a lover, or is the bond between friends completely incapable of being incorporated into a bond between lovers. Is it possible to have a friend in a lover or does the word lover itself mean that of a different type of degree of intimacy all together. If a lover should possess the qualities of a friend while also possessing the qualities of a lover then why do we so often join the two words in order to give th
Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Class Information and Syllabus Montgomery County High School—Mrs. Botts [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this course is to help students “write effectively and confidently in their college courses across the curriculum and in their professional and personal lives” (The College Board, AP English Course Description, p. 7). The course is organized according to the requirements and guidelines of the
APUSH- Kloster Chapter 10 Textnotes NameYufang Huang Period 4 Terms Blood Sports- Refers to bullbaiting and cockfighting were popular leisure time events to watch in eighteenth century Europe. In bullbaiting the bull is attacked by ferocious dogs for amusement. The maimed and tortured animal is eventually slaughtered by a butcher and sold as meat. Cockfighting is another added attraction where two roosters battled it out to determine who is to be the survivor; the loser dies in the end. This at
Valerie Vladianu 30 June 2015 English 1020 WW1 William Butler Yeats William Butler Yeats was born June 13th, 1865 in Dublin, Ireland then moved to London. He was the son of John and Sudan Yeats and a member of the Anglo-Irish minority. After a few years, the family moved to London to allow Yeats to pursue his vocation as a painter. He first attended Godolphin School and then attended the Eramus High School. He also enrolled in the Metropolitan School of Art with poets George Russel and John Hugh
Dipesh Kuwar ENG 553 Literary Criticism Roll No: 181 Sec: ‘E\' 28 June 2016 M. H Abraham characterizes ‘Romanticism\' not in terms of the ‘Mirror\' but the ‘Lamp\' Romanticism is antithetical eighteenth century Neo-Classism, rather continuation of already established literary and artistic trends. English Romantic era started with the frustration of approaching industrialism, French Revolutions, rumors of the war and so much political and cultural shifting in late eighteen century. Abram
Tribhuvan University Central Department of English Kritipur, Kathmandu Term Paper For ENGL551 Introduction to Literature and Literary Analysis By Dipesh Kuwar Roll No: 181 Section: ‘E\' 28 th June, 2016 Falling Aristocracy in the Story "A Rose for Emily" This research paper has attempt to sketch the condition of South of America after the Civil War (1861-1865), especially of the aristocrats in the story "A Rose for Emily" (1930) by William Faulkner (1897-1962).The story was written after the
: Vincent van Gogh\'s Starry Night: Understandings van Gogh Sanjana Ahmed Art 1000 Professor Barrow May 16, 2015 Vincent van Gogh painted starry Night in 1889, just one year before he died. Van Gogh oil painting has many interpretations, one specific theme of van Gogh\'s painting communication of limitlessness. The painting shows a small town, sure to be the view from van Gogh\'s hospital window, shared the blue and huge night filled with glowing stars. The different interpretations of the Starry
Chapter I Nautanki as Performative Art F orm Once in a land, far away, there lived a princess of peerless beauty. The radiant glow of her body made the moon' s turn pale. Her eyes were like a doe's she had the voice of cuckoo. When she laughed, jasmine blossoms fell. In the prime of her youth, she maddened men with her lotus-like breasts and the three folds at her waist. She was so graceful that her weight could be measured onl y against a p ortion of flowers. This princess was known in many di
Romance Motifs in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (Quotations and page numbers are from Harrison, Keith, trans., int. and notes by Helen Cooper. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Oxford; Oxford World's Classics: OUP, 1998. Middle English quotations and page numbers are from Cawley, A. C., ed. Pearl: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. London: J. M. Dent, 1962.) General Of the poem's date: "The precise date of the poems (Pearl, Patience, Purity and Sir Gawain) is … hard to pin down. It is genera
Josy Chapman February 19, Periods/ Eras of Modern Times Ars Nova Era Circa 1200- Circa 1450 -http://www.britannica.com/art/Ars-Nova-music ("New Art"), in music history, period of the tremendous flowering of music in the 14th century, particularly in HYPERLINK "http://www.britannica.com/place/France" France. The designation Ars Nova opposed to the Ars Antiqua of 13th-century France. It was title of a treatise written about 1320 by the composer HYPERLINK "http://www.britannica.com/biography/Phili