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Message from the Director of Environmental Safety
for Washington D.C.… The following pamphlet will cover the weathering procedures such as chemical and mechanical weathering. With the proper education, one will know more of what causes weathering and what types of weathering occurs within the limestone buildings in Washington D.C.10795461645 GEO/180 Weathering Brochure Angela Robinson January 4, 2018 Suzanne McIninch00 GEO/180 Weathering Brochure Angela Robinson January 4, 2018 Suzanne McIninch Types of Weathering Mechanical Weathering 88906...

Geology, Earth, Planetary science, Climatology, Geomorphology, Pedology, Soil, Weathering, Granite, Tor, Spheroidal weathering, Haloclasty
Behavioral principles: reinforcement
Team C Bailey, crystal, latorsha, Raymond, & tasha PSY/420 Miranda Jennings April 10, 2017 Introduction (Photos retrieved from Bing.com) Principle of behaviors in a school setting Behavior can be measured and is in many ways a product of the environment Behavior responds better to positive reinforcement rather than punishment (The Human Development Center, 2017) Past behavior is the biggest indicator of future behavior (2017) Problem behaviors are more likely to occur than appropriate behav...

Psychology, Behaviorism, Psychological manipulation, Behavior, Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Punishment, Praise, Addictive behavior, Behavior management
CLO Business Decision-Making Project Part 1
CLO Business Decision-Making Project Part 1 Broadway Cafe is a corporation is crippled by numerous problems in the United States. Over the past few years, the firm\'s sales revenue has dropped drastically because the management failed to modernize its business processes to adjust to daily demands. Besides, the firm gas a zero technology footprint. Therefore, utilization of manual processes freezes business improvements from the existing levels. Problem Technology is the main problem affecting B...

Qualitative research, Research, Data, Market research, Marketing research
Business Torts and Ethics
Silvia Henriquez ETH/321 September 21, 2015 Bernard Cookson, Jr. Business Torts and Ethics As a business owner there are various facets of operating a business that one must be aware of. With the normal routines of operating a business the owner must also be knowledgeable of laws that may pertain to the business or could affect the business. The incident that occurred at University Heights Apartments brought up questions on where the responsibility lies, with the owner or the intruder. The resp...

Law, Tort law, Real property law, Property law, Land law, Tort, Intentional tort, Legal liability, Leasehold estate, Trespass, Landlordtenant law, Damages
Sacred Destinations:A Journey to Mount Olympus
Angela Robinson HUM/105 January 16, 2017 Features of Mount Olympus: Origins, History, and Functions Sacred Place in Greek Mythology The home of the twelve Olympians The home of Zeus: the most powerful of all Mount Olympus is the meeting place of the Olympians (Schutte, 2006) The Sacred Attributes and Objects of Mount Olympus Sacred People of Mount Olympus Continued: Symbolism found at Mount Olympus that is used by Contemporary Cultures Trident: Ariel’s father in “The Little Mermaid” used...

Fiction, Mythology, Electromagnetism, God, Shapeshifting, Zeus, Mount Olympus, Olympus, Mount Ida, Twelve Olympians
Team A Paper Branches of the Government April 10, 2017 Bruce Franklin The United States Constitution was created by the Founding Forefathers as a measure to be the law of the United States of America. America\'s independence was declared from Great Britain on July 4, 1776 in order to showcase the principle on which the nation was founded on. This day was actually the start of the government that we know now and as of today, still honor. The Constitution outlines the overall organization of the...

Law, Political philosophy, Government, Healthcare reform in the United States, James Madison, United States Constitution, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, United States Congress, Separation of powers, President of the United States, Federal government of the United States, Medicaid
Bank Reconciliation with Theft and Internal Control Deficiencies Tonya Cofer September 17, 2017 Lori Mc Kinney Bank Reconciliation Statement A bank reconciliation statement is a very important financial document. This document is prepared by most business organizations, to be able to match the overall cash balance of the bank statements with the balance that shows on the company\'s financial books (Kimmel, Kieso, Weygandt, 2015) . Bank Reconciliation statements help greatly because they are use...

Economy, Business, Money, Banking, Reconciliation, Bookkeeping, Cheque, Bank reconciliation, Financial accounting, Overdraft, Bank, Cash register
Comparison and Contrast Essay
ENG/220 Derrick Jones January 3, 2017 David Libhert A s a first time college student, college is a very exciting experience for many. As a first time student, the excitement is all around. Students imagine the party life, the excitement of meeting new friends, the party life, and the idea of gaining more responsibilities. For some students, it is exciting and for some, the feeling of change takes over. Some students are glad to start a new journey, and branch out on their own. Although some lov...

Student exchange, Education in Germany
ENG/220 Derrick Jones January 15 , 2017 David Libhert FIRST TIME COLLE STUDENT LIVING ARRANGMENTS A s a first time college student, college is a very exciting experience for many. As a first time student, the excitement is all around. Students imagine the party life, the excitement of meeting new friends, the party life, and the idea of gaining more responsibilities. For some students, it is exciting and for some, the feeling of change takes over. Some students are glad to start a new journey,...

Dormitory, Student exchange, Gifted education
Inventory Analysis Tonya Cofer September 15, 2017 Lori Mc Kinney When it comes to analyzing inventory, the key concept that must be viewed is inventory turnover. Inventory turnover is the ratio that will show the analyzer how many times the business has converted its inventory into sales throughout the year (Kimmel, Kieso, Weygandt, 2015). When businesses are looking at a high ratio, this shows that the business is performing better due to an increase in sales. Therefore, the product is selling...

Economy, Inventory, Business, Inventory turnover, Days in inventory, Cost of goods sold, Turnover, Walmart, Ending inventory