1.01 Journal: Characteristics of Life

These organisms all exhibit the presence of the seven characteristics of life, they respond to the environment, they are capable of reproduction, excretion, respiration, they require nutrition and energy. Each grow and adapt throughout the changes of their environment. They interact with each other in the process known as symbiosis. These organisms also differ, in taxonomy and in complexity. The human, oak tree, sea weed and mushroom are multicellular (prokaryotes), and the rest are Unicellular (Eukaryotes). The Amoeba, for example, is a single cell Protozoan whereas a human has trillions of cells. Seaweed and oak trees can make their own food through photosynthesis whereas the other organisms need to obtain their food. They belong to different kingdoms. Human – Animalia (animal), oak tree and seaweed - plantae(Plant), amoeba – protista (Protist), mushroom – fungi (Fungus) and bacterium in its own kingdom. Meaning they each have different needs, the Amoeba is an aquatic organism, surviving underwater, bacteria need to live in an organism, seaweed in salt water, mushrooms need to live on other organisms like dead wood, on the contrary, people need shelter, along with food and clothing. Overall though, each comply with one another, in the circle of life and they affect each other’s well-being.