Dickens story, Oliver Twist, take place in London 1830. At that time, Great Britain was a very rich country. Many rich people lived in London. However, most people in England did not have much money. Thousands of poor people lived in London. They lived in small, dirty houses and did not have enough to eat. They had no work and many men, women and children became criminals. At this time, criminal could be hanged for murdering somebody or for stealing.

The characters in the story are divided to 2 groups the first group which is also the main group is poor people and the criminals. this group is presented mostly as the bad characters in the story. The second group is the rich and kind people this group shows a lot of compassion.
Not much is mentioned about the time lapse in the story. I can only tell that seven years after Oliver was born he ran away from the workhouse he was in. And nearly in the end of the story is mentioned that it past twelve years after Oliver was born. So I would say that the story is told in a time period of 5 ? 6 years.

The plot
The story is talking about a boy called Oliver Twist. Oliver was born into a workhouse in England, Oliver was an orphan. Oliver ran away from that workhouse when they put him in sale and he was set free he started to walk towards London. When he reached a small town near London he met a boy that offered him some food and a place to stay. Oliver went with that boy but he didn?t know that was the mistake of his life