This is what I feel the Lord has laid on my heart for this "time"…and for His body….
I perceive the Lord is grieved over His body parts broken and missing and stubbornly refusing to work together….In intercession this week , I felt it…and kept hearing "come together and Unite, work together" and with one mind and one mouth glorify the Lord… I feel this is a strategic KEY to the vision of this house, God has put His desires in our hearts… so we will pray…we hear much lately about Unity in the community… but all the churches don't understand the Mystery of preserving their own personalities while becoming ONE In Me….like the Mystery of a marriage covenant…. If you set your minds and seek My face In this…you will find strength in eachother and will see the transformation in this city… ..Another KEY factor like Paul and S ilas in chains in prison…we too must learn to give thanks, pray and sing praise to Him in these low dark places…setting our eyes on the eternal unseen things.. where our spirit is seated with Him… as we continue to do this in unity the doors will open and everyone's chains will be unfastened… Go d wants to use us to loose the chains of others through our coming together in symphonic praise & worship and prayer 24/7… Another KEY …I recently read out of Jim Golls , Dream Language book, God gave Him a dream of him holding a loaf of bread cradling i t in his daughters baby blanket, rocking it like a baby….God told him … Just as parents learn to love, nurture, care for, and cherish our newborn child, so should we as believers care for, love, and cherish the bread of God's presence, then revival will come!. .. T his has stuck with me for a while now…and reading from the book working with angels, I feel he has brought me more insight into nurturing the bread of His presence… Many of God's own people choose to fill their minds with horror, perverted types of movies, graphic violence, rude & crude forms of polluted media…elements that clog up a person's ability to discern spiritual truths. And the leading of the Holy Spirit… Making them dull and desensitized in heart …God is Holy! He has called us to be consecrated, set apart ..holy as unto Him…Kings and priests …a living sacrifice…temple our God…. There must be a pure pipeline in order for the oil of the Holy Spirit to flow into the heart of the believer . Spiritual sensitivity requires shutting off all forms of pollution that grieves the Spirit…This is a sacrifice many Christians are not willing to make… We all need to continually pray for God to send the ministry of fire to the altar of our hear ts … ever running into His firey embrace, letting Him consume and burn our flesh … like Billy Humphrey recently said, he felt he was seeing the wisdom in being intoxicated with the New Wine of the Spirit… So That we would be willing to step into and be consumed by the Burning One . This burning process doesn't seem as "hot" when you continually praise and worship, keeping your eyes fixed on Him, like Peter treading over the stormy waves… and as we come to a deeper understanding of abiding In Him, W ho is LOVE , remaining In Him /Love , intimately knowing Him as your breath of life, hope, strength…apart from Him you can do nothing….you will fall ever deeper in love…and want to worship and "nurture" the bread of His presence (protecting the anointing) even more! This fire is 2 fold, purifying- bringing you closer to/In Him, and flooding your soul with passion and desire for this "Man of Fire" ….Part of this process is learning to Love God with all your soul/strength and learning to Love one another with God's definition of love in 1 cor …. Ryan said this scripture came to him, Isa.33:14-17- Para phrased…Who among us can dwell with that devouring fire? Who among us can dwell with those everlasting flames ?... he who walks uprightly, who is