5 Effective Strategies To Financial Discipline.

Currently, most Kenyans are struggling to live within their financial
means. This is even intensified with the elevated unemployment rates, rife
student loans and tight job market. Thrifty living habits are supremely
important during such times. However, even with limited finances, you can
still afford prudent expenses you wish. All you need to have and abide by
is financial discipline.

Learning how to keep money tied to your wallet and not leaning on credit to
support lifestyle is imperative. Avoid borrowing and stick to your budget.
If you have to borrow it has to be for a good cause such as taking a
mortgage or for financial investment. Cut out all the unnecessary expenses
and channel most of your money to your savings account. This principle is
referred to as "less is more" according to 'Your guide to living better,
spending less, and cashing in on your dreams' by Annette and Steve

Further, planning to make most of your purchases during seasonal sales is
very critical to reducing the economic burden. It is highly advisable to
avoid shopping during festive seasons because of unreasonably inflated
prices due to proportional to market demand. Remember, bulk buying is
equally very prudent since you stand high chances of larger discounts. For
example, large purchases of cereals which make good part of our meals
proves very economical right after harvest.

Besides investments planned around seasonal sales, restricting your
shopping to only essential items is another significant thing. You should
always have a detailed budget to guide you when out for shopping. When
budgeting, you ought to check out the house so that you have very no
spillovers. You can look at the freezer and pantry for what's available and
what's missing.

Additionally, you should find 'appropriate' (pocket-friendly) places to
shop. There are various shops within the town with discounts and
comparatively cheaper items than malls located in rich neighbourhoods. You
can always find many shopping 'hot spots' with reasonable price tags on the
respective items. For instance, in places like churches you are most likely
to get fresh groceries at fair and negotiable costs. Shopping time can also
be a factor especially when buying apparels. Morning hours work best, and
you best stand a chance for getting 'nicer' items at bargainable costs.

Nevertheless, you can shop online shopping from popular shopping websites
such as OLX and Jumuia among others although differently. In a 'financially
disciplined approach'. One of the different ways is hanging on when in need
of an item till a deal comes up. For example, if you need to replace your
phone, you can wait for someone to post one that matches your budget and

Every time you need something, and you do not have the money it, there is
someone out there who is want to dispose of the same item. You should never
buy an item online at its retail price. It takes patience to get it at a
cheaper cost.

Consistently, implementing these strategies financial discipline can see
you to your dreams. Whether on a shoestring budget or not, these easy
strategies will help you save every extra penny for a better course.
Finally, it also teaches you financial discipline and keeps you to
'purchase on need basis' lifestyle.