John McCain wants to increase the number of troops in Iraq and stay there until the job there is complete. When American soldiers started getting killed in the war; citizens in America thought we needed to get out of there. It's a very controversial topic because nobody wants to be fighting and see people die, but the war was needed to help the United States correct the problems in Iraq. It is understandably why people would want to have soldiers return home, but that would leave Iraq out of control. John McCain should be president because of his ideas on the war in Iraq.
McCain is a former soldier and fought in the Vietnam War along with other wars for twenty three years. He has experience and understands what is happening over seas. This is why I agree with him that in order to end the war America needs to capture important places. This would be made possible by sending in more troops and leaving them there to make the job easier and faster. "...more troops are necessary to clear and hold insurgent strongholds." If Iraq is in charge of important locations in Iraq the war could last months or years longer causing a lot more time, money, and troops to be in Iraq. If more troops are sent now Americans would be able to get control of this and eventually end up gaining complete control of Iraq to turn the country around. McCain believes that withdrawing troops wouldn't be a good idea. He believes the idea would "...backfire, hamstringing commanders and giving opponents a way to wait out the Americans." I agree with the idea of not bringing troops back without the job complete because it would hurt the United States. Iraq would continue to wait it out until we eventually ran out time and wanted to leave. It would be much easier to bring in more troops and try and finish the job right away instead of making this an extremely long process.
If the United States sent in more troops and left them there to make it stable; the government and economy in Iraq would thrive. "Only a secure government and economy will the development of Iraq's political and economic institutions have a chance to succeed." If everything in Iraq was stable America would be able to remove all the troops afterwards making everybody happy. Economy and government in Iraq being stable would decrease the deaths caused by fighting over who should be in charge and what should happen. Poor people would be able to have jobs and make money for a good living and make their lives better for them and their families. Having Iraq stable would also work out for the United States as well. We would be able to have access to a lot of oil and other fossil fuels for a lot cheaper prices than other countries like Argentina.??
John McCain should be president because of his ideas on the war in Iraq. Leaving more troops in Iraq would let the United States gain control over the war and end it at a much quicker pace. America would also be able to stabilize the government in Iraq and turn things around for the people living there to make their lives better. John McCain is the most experienced candidate with the best ideas, and she get your vote this upcoming election.