A, AN - not, without
Abyss, achromatic, anhydrous
A human is not anhydrous for water is a basic necessity in sustaining life.
AB, A - from, away, apart
Abduct, aversion, abbreviate
Hana averts her gaze to the floor as soon as her eyes met Leo's piercing stare.
AC, ACR - sharp, sour
Arid, acupuncture, accurate
The acrid stench wafting off the decaying bodies carried its way up our nostrils.
AD, A - to toward
Aggression, allocate, adjust
The intricate design was allocated to the finest tattoo artist in the run down shop that still showed potential in its work.
ALI, ALTR - another
Alternate, alibi, allegory
Hongbin had to quickly come up with an alibi, something to say when his members question him about Sojin's disappearance.
AM, AMI - love
Polyamorous, enamored, amateur
Being in a polyamorous relationship is toxic they say, it's not healthy they say. But I simply don't care, I'm mutually in love with all six of them and I'm happy with the way things are.
AMBI, AMPHI - both
Ambiance, ambicolorate, ambilevosity
I grip my pen awkwardly, my letters sketched clumsily no matter which hand I use. You could say that I am ambilevous.
AMBL, AMBUL - walk
Ambulance, ambulant, amble
The ambulance sped by, sirens blaring, lights flashing, cars pulling over to give it space.
ANIM - mind, spirit, breath
Anime, equanimity, animate
Tears streamed down my cheeks, eyes bloodshot. The dim light coming off the computer screen was the only thing illuminating my otherwise dark room. The ending song drifted to my shaking form as the final minute of エルフェンリート (E lfen Lied ) came to a close, thus ending yet another anime that I've grown fond of.
ANN, ENN - year
Millennium, anniversary, perennial
"Dance with me," Leo whispered , pressing soft kisses along the side of your neck, arms wrapped securely around your waist, body swaying ever so slightly to the soothing melody, your back flush against his front. "Happy anniversary, my love." He slowly tur ned your body to face him, leaning in to place a chaste kiss to your forehead. His feather light kisses flittered across your cheek and jaw line before going back to your lips, his tongue moving languidly against yours to savor the moment.
ANTE, ANT - before
Antebellum, anterior, antiquity
A thick layer of dust covered the small glass bottle, the cork wedged tightly into the neck. "Do you still want to keep this? It seems like an antique."
ANTHROP - human
Misanthrope, anthropomorphism, philanthropy
Brennan carefully placed each bone on the examining table before beginning her short presentation to the interns interested in forensic anthropology.
ANTI, ANT - against, opposite
Antisocial, antiseptic, antibody
His silence attracted me like a moth to a light. His cold expression a mask that hid a beautiful smile. His soft voice contrasting with his hard exterior. He was antisocial, closed off from the rest, but I loved it.
AUD - hear
Audiovisual, audience, audition
His voice captivated the audience, put them under a blissful spell as it was carried to the far side of the hall.
AUTO - self
Autograph, automobile, automatic
The cyborg knew. He could feel the heat of her body against his. Automatically he places his hands on the curve of her hips, pulling her closer. All this written in his code. She was the one that made him different from the others. She played around with the encoding, getting him to genuinely feel emotions, emotions too complex for the others, for other cyborgs. Her touch triggered something inside of him, something he's never been able to experience before. It was all still new to him but something at the back of his head was telling him this was alright, it's okay to experience this.
Rebel, belligerent, bellicose
She fought for what she believed in, not caring if she had to be on the "enemies" side. Some called her a rebel, but she called herself an average Jane Doe.
BENE, BEN - good
Benefit, benediction, beneficiary
She was looking for a man while he was looking for an easy way to get money. From the way things look, both parties seem to benefit in