A dream Deferred

A dream deferred to me means, that everyone has a dream big or small, but everybody doesnít want to do what they have to do to get to their dream, they rather it be handed to them and the easy things in life arenít always the best. Itís only between you and you how bad do you want it, and how far would you go just trying to conquer your dream pass measures. In any second your dream can be taken from you that quick. How would you spend your time reaching and working up to your dream, would you give up or keep pressing on to different levels in your life? Itís not just about what you do when others are watching but what you do when nobody is looking. Follow your heart, never let go because it can take you to places where you never thought you would be.
My lifetime dream is to be able to make it to the pros in the National Football League. I always dreamed of being there as a young child and since then Iíve been chasing my dreams and establishing goals that I will be capable of achieving. Also, my dream is to be able to just provide for my family so they wonít have to struggle at all. For Example, my mother she has been here for me since forever since birth and Iím just at that point in my life where I just want to see my mother happy and proud of me thatís what ever mother would love to see. My mother is beyond unique and I cherish her, we have that connection of trust and I can tell her just about everything. She always has an encouraging word good or bad but it was always true. A favorite quote she always state is, ďwherever you go, go with all your heartĒ, meaning there are going to be some things thatís going to catch you off guard but itís by you and your effort to look pass the obstacles that may come in your life.