A Fantasy Story

After going from city to city in the Starship, we where looking for a place to stay at. We had left Earth because I was being taken over by the aliens that where discovered from other planets. We knew we would encounter other aliens while exploring other planets so we took proper precautions and brought the protection we would need through out the trip. We where going in outer space so the aliens would not track us and follow us to destroy us.

We had arrived to the first planet and just by looking at it, it looked like this planet was not going to become our home for long. We got out of the starship just to explore it anyway. We started to walk around on the planet and we felt shaking constantly. I thought it was just constant earthquakes and that they never stopped, but I knew I was wrong when I saw a lot of creatures just running around. I knew they were making the shaking because of the number of creatures. It looked like the creatures where hostile because they were fighting with themselves and with one another. We turned around and walked the other way to a canyon that we had seen as we landed on the planet. This planet was weird, it was very dry and there looked like there was no source of water because of how dry it was. As we looked over the canyon I told my brother Jack, "Look how deep the canyon is, and how steep." He replied, "Yea dude, it looks pretty nasty down there. I think we should just go and tell mom and dad that this place it pretty weird and we can?t live here." I agreed with him for once in a long time, so we headed back to the starship to take off. We got back to the ship and those a couple of those creatures we had saw spotted us and came toward us pretty fast. We just went in the starship and didn?t turn back. Those creatures ignored us and just turned around and went back with there herd.

My mom and dad had saw the creatures chase us and asked what they where. My brother Jack said, "I don?t know. They looked like small nasty horses." My mom looked at him like he was crazy or something. My dad said then, "Let?s go you guys. I wouldn?t want to live here with those creature so lets go explore some more." I always wondered when this exploring would stop because when we left earth we just stood in the starship for about a year until a couple of days ago when we started to explore other planets.

We took off in search of another planet to live on. We where a nomadic family that kept moving from place to place without knowing what was going to be there. As we headed for the next planet my brother and I had started a conversation. We where talking about how we would have been better off just staying there on earth instead of just getting lost and not know where the hell we where. He was babbling on and on about that and I really did not give a care but I paid attention just because he was my brother and I had to pay attention to him or he would tell my mom and dad. My mom and dad were kind of stupid I think. They never paid attention to me because they thought Jack was Gods greatest creation or something. They spoiled him a lot and I was just there to do things for him.

We were coming up on the next planet and I was getting my brother and myself ready to go explore the planet. We had trouble landing because there was so many trees and rocks.
There was water here, a lot of water was here, that was crashing up against the sides of the cliff. This place was scary just by looking at it. When my brother and I got out of the ship to start looking around he thought he saw something by the blink of his eye. I told him he was crazy and that he was