A lesson in life
My eyes gleamed when I saw a youthful and bright smile from an aged and dull photo. This is my grandmother's enchanting smile.
She was 75 years old when she rested in peace. I was 15. During those 15 years, Grandma's appearance added vivid colours to my life. Yet, I brought her disquiet and countless troubles.
I was brought up by Grandma. As I remember, whenever the weather changed, she would tirelessly tell me to put on more clothes; whenever there was a bowl of soup, she would urge me to drink it. But however caring Grandma was, she was long-winded to me. Before long, I became a teenager. I thought I was old enough to have free rein. Consequently, I became impatient with Grandma-a wordy elderly. Sometimes, I even held a grudge against her for her heartfelt advice and good intentions. "Shut up, please!" I used to wish. Despite my willfulness, Grandma was still willing to devote so much to me.
Two years ago, Grandma left me for her last resting place and I was not able to see her ever again. I wish to see her, but her eyes were close; I feel like listening to her words of wisdom, but her lips could not move; I long to hug her, but her body had been cremated. Indeed, I am filled with great sorrow and remorse because I was never a filial granddaughter. My heart bleeds for my innocence - I took everything in life for granted. Much to my regret, I have to admit that I did not treasure the moments that Grandma shared with me.
This is the last thing I learnt from Grandma-to seize every opportunity to cherish your loved ones when they are still around, for once we lose them, they will never come back. To avoid trapping into a plight of past redemption, we ought to treat our family and friends well!
The charming smile is still shining in the yellowish photo. In there I see a valuable lesson about life.