When I was in the eighth grade I moved to Auburn, Alabama, from Aiken, South Carolina. I had to leave all my friends and family to head out on a new adventure. It was a cool, yet sunny day in the middle of October as we headed out; we drove for hours and I grew tired of seeing nothing but road and trees. We approached the city and I began feeling nauseous, and my head started to spin from thinking about what my new life would be like. While driving through town everything seemed normal; I heard the sounds of cars driving down the road, I smelt the aroma coming from the various restaurants, and I saw people going about their business. Even though I thought that the town seemed a little small, I was beginning to believe that it wasn?t going to be as bad as I had thought.
The next step in my journey was to go to school. I was worried sick, and I didn?t know what the kids would think of me. As I pulled up to the school I noticed that it was an older school that was in need of a few repairs. There were holes in the walls and in parts of the ceiling, and it looked as if it were about to cave in on top of me. One of the ladies in the office took me to my new class, and I was so nervous that I couldn?t stop my knees from shaking. I walked in and everyone just looked at me but after I sat down some of the kids started talking to me, and by the end of the day I felt like I had made some friends.
I have now lived in Pell City for four years and I have made many lifelong friends. Without the influence of many of these people, I wouldn?t be the person that I am today. Also, the experiences that we have shared together have molded me and have left a huge impression on me. These experiences have influenced me and have helped me make some huge decisions in my life. My life would have been completely different if I had not moved to Auburn; that is why it is a moment that changed me forever.