Abdulrahman Alshahri
What do you think Armand is going to do?
In the story Desiree's Baby, we know what happened to the young mother Desiree's in the end, but we do not know about what Armand is going to do after he read his mother's letter.
We notice that Chopin does not explain if the letter surprised him, or even if he read it for the first time at the end of the story. Chopin wanted this to remain an open question especially since the story is more interesting with an inconclusive end. Some may think that Armand knows he is black, and that is why he chose a girl of unknown origin. Therefore, if their baby revealed his mother's race, he could then have a reason for what he did. However, the last lines of the story reveal that Armand did not know about his black origin, we could see that Armand is looking at his baby startlingly with listless and behave with no beneficent with his wife Desiree and averted them. When Armand saw Desiree for the first time, he did not care about her unknown family name because he was so much in love. He decided that if she did not have a family name, then he would give her his own, and soon they got married.
From my perspective, I think that Armand is going to keep his little secret for himself and burn that letter because it was the only evidence that he was the one who belongs to the race that is cursed this the brand of slavery. He has to protect his own reputation in the community, so the truth must be burned. The letter is the only thing that tells the truth, and it makes sense that he would burn it… to keep his curse a secret.