Abortion is an extremley controversal topic. Some people are pro-life and others are pro-chWhat do you think about abortion? Most people try not to think about it. They wish to avoid the overwhelming horrible reality. Abortion is an intentional violent act that kills an unborn baby. Without any anesthesia, the baby is dismembered, torn apart, and vacuumed out of the mother. In the case of a near-term or partial-birth abortion, the baby is turned around and pulled partially out with its head still inside the mother. The abortionist then plunges a sharp object into the back of its neck and vacuums out the brain. This is not a pleasant subject. It hurts to just imagine the horror. However, we must think about it in order to gather the courage needed to end it.

What motivates an abortionist? What must they think as they slash and tear a baby apart or plunge a knife into its neck? Somehow, abortionists have become callused to the reality of their actions. Like Shakespeare?s Macbeth, they have blood on their hands, and it cannot be washed off. They are like gas chamber operators during Hitler?s holocaust. They are like slave traders who traded in human flesh during slavery.

Many people have become apathetic about abortion. Since they have already been born, abortion is no threat to them personally. Why should they care about someone else?s baby? If there is any lesson to be learned from September 11, 2001, it is that we should value and protect innocent human life even if it is not our own. This lack of value was the direct cause of the terrorist acts. Think about it. The terrorists and those who directed them had no value for the lives of the flight attendants whose throats were slashed or the innocent secretaries who frantically tried to leave those buildings.

This same lack of value for innocent human life is the direct cause of legalized abortion. You see, perhaps most who are pro-choice are not pro-choice for themselves. They would not even consider abortion for those they love. They are pro-choice for others. Choice is a convenient way to eliminate those "other" people. This deep dark truth is never discussed. These people advocate abortion in order to decrease the excess population. Of course, they themselves are not the excess population. It is always some other group like the poor or the innocent unborn babies.

If you are still unconvinced about the horror of legalized abortion, at the next opportunity pick up a little baby, hold it in your arms, gaze into its eyes and you will know the truth. All the pro-choice pro-abortion rhetoric that you have ever heard will melt away. Another truth is that it just is not natural for a mother to have an abortion. Instead, it is natural for a mother to love and care for her baby. This motherly instinct for nurturing and bonding should be encouraged. It is basic to our human society and it benefits us all. It should not be broken down by giving women an immoral choice of abortion.

I know that you will ask - What about those mothers who for some reason cannot love and care for their babies? Well, the choice should not be to keep or abort the baby. The choice should be to keep or give the baby away. Abortion clinics should be changed to adoption clinics. Surely most people would agree that a well-organized adoption system would be much better than our current abortion system.

Abortion is a tragedy not only for the unborn who will never experience life but for the mother also. The choice given to the mother is an immoral one. Rather than give a woman control over her body, choice creates the opportunity for exploitation. There is an older lady in my church who feels deep guilt even after 30 years because she stood by as her husband sent their daughter away to New York to have an abortion. This was in the days before Roe v. Wade and abortion was illegal in Texas. The lady says her daughter has suffered much since that event and has never found peace and happiness. So did the choice of abortion give the daughter control over her body or did her father use it to escape embarrassment? This is a real life example of the tragedy of abortion. Variations