Addiction Movie Analysis on the movie BLOW
Gwendolyn A Mccarley
Explain what types of addiction were addressed and how the film\'s characters became addicted, if known. The character in this movie in which his name was Johnny began playing outside one of the shops owned by the mob boss. As Johnny grew older the boss started hiring him to do small odd jobs outside his shop, like sweep the sidewalk and help the ladies across the street. When Johnny became a teenager the boss hired him to be an arend boy and for every good job Johnny did the boss would reward him with money and cocaine. Before long Johnny would go to the shop every day after school to make his money and get his cocaine. And thatís how Johnny got addicted to cocaine.
How did this addiction physically affect the individuals involved? Johnny has to have the cocaine several times a day or he would get very sick. Vomiting, shaking of the hands, nervousness, headaches and tremors. Johnny lost a lot of weight and was very pale in color. Johnny learned to live the night life at a very young age with partying every night.
In what way did the addiction affect work and relationships? Johnny never had a real job working for the mob was his job, but he started fighting with his father at age 15 and moved in with the boss of the mob until he could make enough money to rent his own apartment. Johnny only talked to his parents when he needed help getting out of jail. When Johnny got married he didnít invite his family to the wedding to Johnny the mob was his family until he went to jail for transporting drugs for the mob. Johnny was very secretive about what he did for a living and what all was involved in his job, even with his wife. He never told her everything he did.
What were the long-term health problems associated with the addiction, if any? Johnny was very suspicious of everyone, even his wife, he had started going crazy. Johnny snorted so much cocaine that his nose would bleed uncontrollably and he started shooting the cocaine up in his arms and feet. Johnny got HIV from using dirty needles. He gave HIV to his wife and four girlfriends. Johnny was killed in prison over cigarettes.
How would you confront the addicted person to bring attention to the problem? Explain. I believe I would have tried to talk some since into Johnny, to try and stop him from living the life style he was living and show him a better way to live without drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and random affairs. I would have shown him what happens to people who live their lives carelessly and how he could prevent all of the pain and suffering.
Explain how one addiction can be connected to another. Johnny started using one drug at first and slowly went to using drugs, pills, alcohol and smoking. Johnny was around people who did drugs and drank heavily and eventually did the same things he saw around him. Those people taught him it was ok to do the things they were doing so Johnny just repeated what was taught to him. I believe if someone would have shown Johnny that life style was no way to live he would not have died like he did.
What treatments are available for addicted individuals? Would this work for all types of addictions? Consider, for example, alcoholism with drug addiction or smoking and eating.
Detox. Detoxification is the first crucial step towards organized recovery. Detox is the process of allowing harmful drug toxins to leave the body so the individual can begin to function without the aid of these substances. Detox can be challenging, as the individual will likely experience a number of withdrawal symptoms during the process that may be so uncomfortable that they may be heavily tempted to relapse. Detox is best undergone at a medical facility. Counseling, once an individual completes the detox process, they are generally ready to begin counseling and therapy. Counseling is the means by which professional treatment centers get to the heart of why an individual abuses drugs. During these sessions, individuals learn how to respond to temptations to use in