Advertising promotes goods and services to be sold so people can make money all along the line; manufacturers, television stations, agencies, advertising is the backbone of our society, without it a capitalist society would not exist. There are many different forms of advertising such as internet, radio, and billboards; however, television is the most effective form of advertising.
Although billboards are seen by millions of drivers each day the lack of connection it is evidence that television exceeds its effectiveness. ?Billboards will be abolished? (Ogilvy 217) because billboards are becoming useless since they are motionless and do not grab your attention like commercials do. ?As a marketer, you can no longer force people to pay attention? (Godin 47). Therefore when you drive by a billboard there is rarely any direct response because it makes only one impression while statistics show it takes 3 impressions to get a desirable result, which is what makes the most profit while advertising on television. This entertainment component is a big reason why television advertising is successful.
Motion and sounds provide audiences with entertainment whereas billboards are ineffective and viewed for only a couple of seconds. ?The use of unusual characters increases the power of commercials to change brand preference by a remarkably high percentage? (Ogilvy 107). Unusual characters make things more memorable, which in turn will better the campaign. On the other hand, billboards are quickly forgotten images because of the lack of motion and sound connection to viewers.
Television is the most efficient because it hits a broader audience, can promote goods and services with motion and sounds, can do research to find demographics that watch a certain show and is a prime tool for direct to consumer sales commonly referred to as ?Direct Response? advertising. The average person watches roughly five hours of television a day, and when they see something on television they like, they will respond sooner or later. Responding ?Sooner? is Direct Response. Responding ?Later? is Brand. Either way, advertising drives results or the customer goes elsewhere with their money.
Every television show takes breaks and switches over to commercials, and everyone who watches that show then watches the commercials. ?CBS has been selling 30- second spots in February 7 Super bowl for about $2.7 million each? (James). About 93 million people watch the super bowl every year, therefore; every commercial has millions of viewers, which is why those spots end up getting a profit. Thirty seconds on an extremely popular channel is worth a lot of money because of how profitable it can be for a company. ?Media analysts are predicting that as much as $500 million in corporate money could flood this year?s political campaigns.? (James). The reason for this is because advertising is the best way to spread word, and television is the most effective way of doing that. Political campaigns are very competitive and rely heavily on television because of the edge it provides.
It is important to know a company?s target market so the company spends a great deal of time and money researching to target the right audience. Companies hire researchers to find what their demographic would most likely react to. Sometimes the demographic would prefer different people to do the advertising than the mindset of the companies itself providing fresh and insightful looks without the inside knowledge and appeal they may take for granted. The target audience is who the advertiser is trying to promote their product to. ?The quality of research will improve and this will generate larger corpus of knowledge as to what works and what doesn?t? (Ogilvy 217). When your product is specifically for a certain demographic you should use actors or actresses that represent the audience to make it appeal to them. If a company wanted to sell a toy to a six year old boy the actor should be a six year old boy. ?But some types of television commercials which get high recall scores get low scores on changing brand preference and there appears to be no correlation between recall and purchasing? (Ogilvy 103) .
Direct response is the most efficient form of advertising because the advertisement asks the customer to order the good or service right when the viewer sees it so that the viewer would not have time to forget or do something else without losing a discount. ?Direct response is the only form of advertising that gives