Allegory - A symbolic representation of something
There are hearts everywhere during Valentine's Day
Doves are set free during weddings
After marriage I wear a ring on my left hand
Allegory adds depth to writing through different layers and meanings within a story and characters

Alliteration - The repetition and use of similar consonants
"Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers"
"Sally sells seashells by the sea shore"
Which witch watches wicket
Through alliteration the reader focuses their attention on the part of the text where it is used. It creates rhythm, mood, and a particular connotation

Allusion - An indirect reference to something or somebody
I went to visit Soho to see all the prostitutes, whore houses, and drug warehouses
The Cyclone was a fun ride to go on before heading home.
This place is like the Garden of Eden
Allusion is not only restricted to literature, it can also be used when speaking in everyday life.

Anaphora - R epetition of the same word at the beginning of several clauses in a phrase for effect
She didn't speak. She didn't stand. She didn't even look up as we left the house.
It hurt. It pained. It simply damaged us all.
The way she moves. The way she walks. The way she talks.
Anaphora is used to add emphasis in arguments and writing.
Antithesis - Use of words or phrases that contrast with each other to create a balanced effect
The pain I felt in that moment was sinfully beautiful.
If it's so wrong why does it feel so right?
It felt as though my heart was breaking as you happily rose to fame.
Antithesis is used to create a stark contrast using two very different things that come together in one uniform whole . It creates a vivid picture by playing with complementary opposites.

Aphorism - A brief statement that expresses an opinion or general a truth
"Irving Berlin has no place in American music - he is music."
Aegyo can either be the cutest thing oppa Z does or the most cringe worthy.
The first thing a noona does before stanning a member is look up how old the member is.
Aphorisms are usually witty and curt and often have an underlying tone of authority to them.

Apostrophe - A rhetorical passage where an absent or imaginary person or an abstract or inanimate object is addressed directly
This knife which I clutch so tightly, why do you speak to me in such enchanting ways.
The spirits, they are here, waiting for the silence that comes after you take your last breath.
Death you are so swift, so beautiful. Wrap your fingers around my neck and put an end to this misery.
With this technique the writer or speaker can detach themselves from the reality and address an imaginary character in their speech.
Assonance - The similarity of two or more vowel sounds
A long song
Boy toy
Hong bong is a name the BIV family uses for the visual of 빅스 (VIXX), HongBin .
Assonance is a rhyming technique used to improve verbal quality of writing .

Asyndeton - L eaving out conjunctions in a series
The air was thick, warm, heavy sluggish.
He was a bag of bones, a floppy doll, a broken stick .
She lay limp, lifeless, unmoving.
Asyndeton is used to shorten a sentence and focus on its meaning. It also helps speed up the rhythm of words .

Attitude - The way a person views something or tends to behaves towards it. The tone or mood presented
Bullets fi red, the hot metal breaking through sensitive skin, a burning sensation running up her arm making it feel numb for a few blissful seconds before the excruciating pain set in .
"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?" he hissed through clenched teeth, glare directed towards his wife and coworker.
He passes by your little cubicle to hand you a fresh batch of files to be scanned, leaving a small note on top. Your cheeks flare up as you quickly hide the note in your purse .
Attitude gives voice and personality to writing while making things clearer to