Allyson Sims
Part One
Play Title Dutchman Amiri Baraka
Type of Play Drama 1964
Number of Characters 1 female , 3 male
Male Clay : T wenty year old clay negro
Female Lula : Thirty year old white woman
Riders of Coach White and Black Negro

Part Two
Th e play , Dutchman is a tragedy . The play is about tw o people who enter on a New Yor k Subway train . The play also opens when Clay a real well dress African American male , who is very intellectual . Than he is interrupted when a lady by the name of Lula is very pretty , flirtatious white and a bi t older than he is . Lula suggestively slices and eats an apple, she and Clay tease each other with bantering talk that becomes more and more personal . T han Lula s tarts reveal who sh e really is , but Lula is clearly in control o f the conversation and the si tuation that she pro voke Clays middle self image . ▻ Lula is, in f act, a bit rude when she tells him . "What right do you have to be wearing a three-button suit and striped tie?" she asks. "Your grandfather was a slave, he didn't go to Harvard." Aware of his insecurities, Lula dares Clay to pretend "that yo u are free of your own history. Clay is already struggling from race identity. Seemingly that Lula knows this , she keeps on taunting him. ▻ Eventually, Lula's attempt to force Clay to see in himself the negativ e stereotypes of the black male as either oversexed or c Uncle Tom . Black music and African American culture, he tells her, are actually repressions of a justified rage that has kept African American people sane in the face of centuries of oppression. Clay seems as desperate to prove this to himself as he is to convince Lula. He does not seem to know whether the rage or the repression has taken the greater toll on African American sanity. The scene escalates in dramatic force until Lula unexpectedly stabs Clay to death.
Part Three
Bottom of Form
▻ I think the p lay was excellent and it tells a story on what white people think of African Americans . T his play is whole another l evel of racial problems that happen very much in societ y . I think the play should be remodel for the this generation on what African Americans have to go through . The play also touches some soft spots when Lula starts out being real sweet in then she goes harsh criticizing a man she does know because the color his skin in the way he looks . But also Clay has issues of his o wn like being very insecure on race , society and economic status . But at the end of the play when the argument got real heated and Lula Kille d Clay . I was very hurt behind that because to me that was very cruel for her to do that .
Part Four
If I had a chance to have a role in this play . I will be Clay because through all that madness he stood his ground. But I only will play it if that switch to present day problems that's happening now in this generation .
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Bottom of Form