Allyson Sims
P art One
Play Title : Fences Author August Wilson
Type of Play : Drama 1957 Play # 6
Numbers of Play : Six Females , Seven Male
Part Two
The play, Fences by August Wilson describes the life of and African-American family that is economically troubled. Troy, the father of the family, was a baseball player in the Negro League but never made it to the Majors because he grew too old. The story is about the relationship of Troy with his children and wife. He has a son na yo med Lyons who doesn't live with the family but still begs for money from Troy. Troy's main trouble is with his son Cory. Cory is disobedient to Troy because he wants to become a football player. He gave up his job and school studies to focus on football but Troy doesn't like this and he kicks him out of the house. During all of this, Troy is dealing with racial prejudice at his work. His boss will not allow anyone to drive the garbage trucks, but after Troy's pleading, his boss allows him to drive the truck and he becomes the first black man to drive a truck in the entire city of Pittsburgh. Cory leaves the house and doesn't return until 8 years later when his father dies. August Wilson wrote this play because he wanted to show the racial tensions as well as the family tensions he experienced while he was a kid
Part Three
The play fences is a very touching play that takes you through deep thoughts .The play also make you realize the emotional turbulence people go through daily . Making people realize that family is very important . You see th e love rose has for troy crazy self. It also gets you to a understanding that life can takes it turns .
Part Four
The role I will play will be Rose . You can tell that she very strong and hard .