An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge

Expository Writing - An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

"An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge" by Ambrose Bierce is about man who was tricked into being killed. It is said that before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes. But for his man, it was not his life, but what could've happened instead of him dying. Peyton Farquhar was a part of a highly respected family from Alabama, as well as a slave owner, a politician, and very much so devoted to the Southern cause. He was unable to join in on the war because of certain circumstances, but supported the men of the army all the way.

The story starts off on the bridge, with Farquhar standing at the edge with his hands tied behind his back. Soldiers were posted all around him so he could not run away. At this point you know nothing about what he has done, or why he is about the be hung from the bridge, but everything was very serious. The captain stood on a plank, which supported Farquhar on the other end. First it was held in place by two soldiers though.

Farquhar's eyes hadn't been covered, so he could see the water running under the bridge. He was noticing everything about the water, and how slowly it dragged pieces of driftwood downstream. Even the sound of his watch ticking was driving him insane. Soon enough he was thinking of ways to escape, which ran through his mind, but were not acted out. He knew if he could just get his hands untied, and the noose off of his neck he could dive into the water. By diving he would be able to dodge the bullets that the soldiers would shoot at him, but he would have to swim very fast. Once he swam to shore he would be safe and go home.

Part II tells all about how Farquhar got himself into the trouble he was in. It all started when a solider dressed in gray came to his house asking for a drink of water since he was a member of the confederate army. Mrs. Farquhar was more than happy to serve the solider the water. So while she was getting the solider his drink, Peyton sat down to talk to him about some new from the front. The soldier told Farquhar about how the Yanks were repairing the railroads, getting ready to make another advance. The were currently making their way to Owl Creek Bridge. He went on to tell Farquhar that there was no way of stopping them from continuing anymore. So Farquhar asked if maybe a civilian went to the bridge and destroyed it would that that work. The solider told him it probably would, but be aware that any man caught would be hung by the army. And with that he drank his water, thanked Mrs. Farquhar, and left.

Now, on to Part III, where the story takes an unexpectable turn. Farquhar was being hung. He fell into the water and lose his consciousness, becoming dead in an instant. But soon he felt the pressure of the noose around his next as the water pulled him under. He was conscious of all motion, and had the power to feel. And he was still sinking further into the water as the light from above became fainter and fainter. Yet soon he was floating again back to the surface. He'd then regained his senses and was swimming downstream. But then someone started shooting at him, each bullet hitting the water closer to him with each shot.

After he'd swam away from the shooting and made it to shore, Farquhar ran to his home. But soon he started walking and slowly fell asleep. He was dreaming while he was walking, thinking it was just his slight recovery from his state of confusion. Once he got to his house though, he stood in front of the gate staring at it in the morning sun. The he saw a woman standing at the door in new clothes. As he runs up to her and is about to hug her, Farqhuar feeling a stunning pain upon the back of his neck. Almost instantly a blinding white light is all around him, making the sounds of a cannon. The it is dark,