An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge


This short story in my opinion was all about a man's fear of death. It uniquely recites the cycle of human life, as the man is about to be hung off the bridge. It was a punishment way too brutal for the little wrong he had done, and we get to know how unfair things were back at the time of the Civil War. When the man was captured by the guards on the bridge and was ordered to be hung the cycle started. Farqhuar, the man to be hung, started to reminisce about everything he had accomplished this far in his life, and what he stilled dreamed of accomplishing. He remembered the times of his childhood, and his youth. Farqhuar was now on the edge of death. He in no way wanted to die. Whatever happened to him he would do everything in his might to return back home to his family alive. When Farqhuar ended up in the water, he used very smart moves to get himself as far away from the guards watching on the bridge as he could, before he went up for air. He was now like a fugitive, and he had to be very alert. We all are fugitives at some point in our lives. I have been running away from things often in my life. Never had I been in a life and death situation like Farqhuar but still it is not a good and easy situation to handle.
The ending as sad as it is brings out the truth. One can never be safe forever. Eventually we will get caught no matter where we run too. In Farqhuar's situation he fled far from danger, but was caught right on the driveway of his own home, how ironic. Farqhuar was afraid to die. He avoided death throughout the whole situation. The death that he was expecting he avoided. The death he received was a complete unexpected one for him.
My main problem with this story was trying to conceive whether Farqhuar actually did escape and get shot right by his house or whether all those images of escaping were just a dream for him, a way for him to tender his situation. It really could have been either way, but I am thinking that he was only dreaming. But the fact still remains he was running away from trouble in his mind. He was making himself feel like no harm was coming his way. This was not a particularly bad plan, for you should enjoy your last moments of life, but who knows maybe he could have got away.