Anastasia Amanatidis
Mrs. Gonzalez

Homework- Four Objectives

1. Summarize the Clinton administration efforts to promote peace and freedom abroad.
The Clinton administration efforts to promote peace and freedom abroad increased the number of employed people in countries. They basically helped every country to gain independence and promote peace.

2. Describe the role of the US played in helping nations torn by conflict in the 1990's.
Promoting peace and the spread of democracy were satisfying foreign policy challenges. Far less satisfying was the task of trying to stop the terrifying violence that erupted within several disintegrating countries. Clinton had to balance Americans desire to help other nations against Americans fear of costly commitments. This fear was magnified by memories of the Vietnam War.

3. Analyze the impact of an expanding global economy on the US.
The US sought to encourage greater economic cooperation. The NAFTA called for removal of trade restrictions.

4. Define:
Apartheid: South Africa's systematic separation of the white and black races.
Economic sanction: Trade restrictions and other economic measures intented to punish another nation.
North American Free Trade Agreement: called for removal of trade restrictions.
General Agreement on tariffs and trade: Internation agreement on reducing tariffs and expanding world trade.
World trade Organization: International organization formed in 1995 to encourage the expansion of world trade.