Anastasia Amanatidis
Mrs. Kern
Global Homework

2. How did medieval society change between 1000 and 1500? European society became less isolated, towns and population grew, interest in learning revived.

3. How did guilds influence business practices in medieval towns?The guilds influenced business practices in medieval towns because they provided security in trading and reduced losses.

4. How were Muslim scholars linked to the revival of learning in Europe?When the Roman Empire fell so too did loss of intelligence in Greek knowledge and philosophy and Hellenistic culture. The Muslims who cherished Greek literature, especially those who have roots in Alexandria, reintroduced Europe to the Greek-greats and learning in general that was so vibrant during Rome but so forgotten.

5. In what ways did burghers expand their freedom from landlords? As trade expanded, the burghers hated the interference in their trade, so they organized themselves and demanded privileges. This caused them to rise against their landlords. Giving in, the landlords gave them the freedom they requested.

6. What was the effect of the development of towns on the feudal system? The effect was that surplus production allowed the growth of the medieval towns.

7. Why would writers choose to produce works in the vernacular instead of in Latin? Since most people couldn't read or understand the works in Latin, the works written in vernacular brought literature to many people.

8. How did the Commercial Revolution lay the foundation for the economy of modern Europe?
Europe's commercial revolution was a foundation of wealth.