And Then There Were None

The plot of the story is about 10 people getting murdered on an island called "Indian Island." It seems that the "10 little Indians," nursery rhyme relates to the death of each person. ( Read poem ) There's also China figures that are suppose to represent each character. The 10 people were brought to the island because they also were murderers in the past. Since there are only 10 guests on the island, the mystery is determine who the murderer is. "In the center of the round table, on a circular glass stand, were some little China figures. "Indians" said Tony "Indian Island. I suppose that's the idea."Vera leaned forward. "I wonder how many there are? Ten?" "Yes-ten there are." Vera cried "What fun! They're the ten little indian boys of the nursery rhyme, I suppose."


Fred Narracot
He's the character that brought the 10 people to Indian Island. He was very worried about the "guests" that he was bringing to the Island. Because he never seen the person who has invited them, he only recieved instructions from him. "Queer business when you come to think of it, the whole thing was queer-very queer..."

Anthony Marston
He's a character that uses brawn over brain. He's also is very gullible so anything you tell him. He'll most likely to believe it. He was brought to Indian Island because he ran over 2 kids. "His stunning strength proved pitiful inadequate against that of his unknown adversary."

Emily Brent
She like to keep everything secretive. She's too worried about trusting people. Many people refer to her as insane for the reason that she hides her emotions and prefers to be alone. She was brought to Indian Island for the reason that she refused to help a 13 year old girl who was going to commit suicide. "Her eyebrows rose on her narrow forehead. She said " Are you waiting for me to say something? I have nothing to say."

General MacArthur
He's extremely depressed, and doesn't care much for life. He feels that life only offers pain and misery. " He knew, suddenly that he didn't want to leave the island."His reason for being brought to the island was because he killed the man his wife was cheating with. By making him go on a suicide mission, were death is inevitable.

Mr. Justice Wargrave
His occupation is being a judge. His motto in the story book is "Innocent until proven guilty." He keeps an eye on every character, to recieve clue as to who is the murderer.He never accuses a person even if they seem like the suspect. he's a very fair character."Rogers cried, "I didn't know what it was. Before God, I didn't know what it was, sir. If I had I'd never have done it." The judge said dryly. "That is probably true. But I think you'd better explain, Rogers."

The atmosphere is very disturbing since everyone in the house was a murderer, and they're living all fancy. It's also confusing since there is one person out of the 10 who is the murderer. So there is bascially no one to trust but yourself. "Vera cried "Who was it? Who was it? It wasn't one of us."

The story took place in the mansion. As for the mansion is looked very modern and it's really gigantic, so it could also be lonely. " The house was there facing south-low and square and modern lokking with the rounded windows letting in all the light. An exciting house, a house that lived up to expectations."

She uses a lot of adverbs. "He said violently, "It's mad---absolutley mad----were all mad!" or "He looked from Wargrave to Vera and repreated helplessly----weakly, " I tell you someone must have taken it."
She also uses metaphores "Outside the rain poured down and the wind howled in great shuddering gusts against the window panes.