Andrew Stuman
English Comp I
Descriptive Essay
Rough Draft Title
All of us were excited to go to the park. It was a family tradition. Although we would always go, there was something different about going on Thanksgiving Day. It was as if the stakes were higher, so we were all a bit more competitive. No matter what sport we played whether it was basketball or football, we all played harder and the games got more intense. With the smell of Thanksgiving food in the air mixed with a good barbecue, we were eager to have a taste after we were done playing.
As soon as we arrived at the park we would see beautiful trees with the leaves beginning to change from a greenish shade to a numerous amount of different colors ranging from red, to brown, to even a deep purple color. It was truly astonishing. When we would turn right towards the basketball courts the scene instantly changed. We went from seeing beautiful trees to seeing groups of grown men and women dripping sweat as they ran up and down the court. In the distance, we could see children playing on the massive red, black, and white rocket ship themed setup that was recently built.
When we got closer to the basketball courts there was a pungent odor of thanksgiving food, sweat, and barbecue. Although it was not the best combination of smells, we still got onto the basketball court and played our game. Those scents mixed with the sound of the basketball pounding on the ground and the shoes screeching as each player made quick movements, made it all that much better.