Anne Frank:
Anne frank was born on June 12 1929 in Germany. She spent her early life as a diarist and a writer and considered Jewish. Later in her life she became a victim of the holocaust in 1941, she was one of the most talked about victims. As a young girl Anne Frank and her family moved to Amsterdam to go into hiding. But the Frank family was later trapped by the Nazi's for not reporting to the Nazi's work camp. Anne Frank and her family were arrested and were sent to work.
Similarities and differences:
The Diary of Anne frank really showed a lot of detail and more plot then the film Anne Frank: the unfinished story. Anne Frank: the unfinished just really tells you her background and shows an external conflict. The Diary of Anne Frank and Anne Frank: The unfinished story both really show detail about who Anne Frank is and what her life is about. Both of these stories give really sends a message to the readers about history and what happened in the holocaust.
On this essay I wrote about Anne frank's life and personal life. I wrote about her being a writer and a victim in the holocaust. I wrote about the similarities and differences between the book The Diary of Anne Frank and Anne Frank: the Unfinished story.