Anthony Shivers
Carl A. Battaglia
Expository Writing, Sec 0850
June 5,2014


Writing has always been something that has confused me. Not writing
assignments. Not the proper use of grammar. Not spelling. Not word choice.
I have always been comfortable with those aspects of writing. I am far from
being on track to write the next bestseller, but I would confidently say
that I excel at writing. It always confused me endlessly how I can love one
subject so much, but despite the same subject just as much. My relationship
with writing has evolved from hatred to that of a pair of moody siblings. I
love it to death, but sometimes it makes me so angry and stressed.
My earliest memories of my
writing can be traced back before I was even in school and that type of
writing was coloring. I say my age would around this time be 3. The
majority of things that I colored was coloring books. All the coloring
books that are colored were the type where you had to stay in the lines.
The themes of the coloring books were all dinosaurs. The types of colors
that I used were mostly based on what I had seen in movies (Jurassic Park).
In overall, I enjoyed coloring in my youth and miss it very much.
So, next biggest challenge and
the next remember that I would remember was when I was 8. This when I
learned to write cursive. Now what remember most about writing cursive is
the paper. When I was young the paper was a tannish paper with two blue on
the outside and a blue line that was like railroad tracks going left to
right. At first, like anybody, I struggled with cursive at the beginning
but after a while it came naturally. The letter that I struggled with the
most was the letter z and the letter that was easy for me the t.
I overall enjoyed my experience with cursive and sometimes
I use cursive at the most random of times. In middle school, my memories
can remember of the many biographies that I did. Now I don't remember all
the biographies that I did but the one I partially remember was the one I
did on George Washington. Some facts that do remember is he was born
February 22, 1732, at Pope's Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia. George
Washington also fought for the British in the French and Indian War when he
was in his 20s. The final fact that learning
is George Washington lost more battles in the Revelatory War than won.
When I was doing these biographies I really enjoyed doing them finding some
love in writing. Those are the interesting facts that I learned while
doing one of the many biographies I did in middle school. So, the memories
that are the most recent to me are my High school and you could say my
college because it was a college course in High school. The people that
prompted me to write were my teachers. The one class that I can remember
from high school is I wrote essays on politics.
One of the subjects that I talk about was taxes. One
of the interesting things that I learned about taxes is the first income
tax was passed in 1861 to pay for the for the civil war. The Sixteenth
Amendment which allows the government to levy taxes on incomes was adopted
on February 3, 1913. The first ever tax was passed by Ronald Reagan in
1981. Those are some interesting some facts about taxes. The materials
that I use was the Internet to research about my papers. I would also use
the computers at school to type to my papers.
The audience was my class that
I was to present my paper too. The reason I wrote these papers is that I
wanted to get a good grade. Also, I want to state that I love writing about
politics and business. At first, my writing was not really good. The reason
I say that is at first, I did not use spell check really on these articles.
My teacher wanted to have a thesis three main supporting paragraphs and a
conclusion I did not to this at first and a conclusion.
I would say it took two of these assignments to grasp the concept of what
he wanted me to do. Throughout my writing experience, I have done a lot of
writing assignments. The first kind of writing that still do to