by: Luke Hoagland


Disclaimer: The following information contains predictions of
the future. This has been written for people who want to know
what is on the horizon for humanity, and most importantly, WHAT
THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT. Please understand that if you read this
material, you will be doing it by your own choice. If your
reaction causes you to want to report me to AOL for sending
unsolicited email, it could result in my account being closed.
I don't ask that anyone believe what I say just because I say
it. I do ask that if you choose to read this material, please
suspend your judgment of it until enough time passes for its
validity to be proven or disproven. Please don't let your
personal beliefs cause you to want to deprive others of
receiving this.

Written October 20, 1996

NOTE: This document is quite lengthy, so it might be best to either print it
or copy it to your word processor so it may be read off-line.

Dear Friend,

The choice of whether or not to read this message all the way
through may have important consequences for you as the events
of our immediate future unfold. This is being done solely for
the benefit of others so that people may understand what to do
about the times now approaching humanity. What I'm about to
explain will strike many people as ridiculous, because this kind
of thing has been predicted over and over again and people are
not inclined to take things like this seriously. I am not your
average tabloid psychic. In fact, I'm not a psychic at all. I
am what could be called a modern day seer, but I prefer to be
thought of as just a human being with an important message.

I have studied prophecy and the techniques used to produce it
for many years now. Through a combination of my own findings,
the prophecies of Nostradamus, the prophecies given by Jesus
and the prophet Daniel, I have figured out the future of
humanity. As stated above in the disclaimer, the reader's
belief in what I say is not necessary at this point.

This message has been written over and over again since I
first set out to do this. In previous versions, I have tried to
describe what will cause the rough times to come... but everyone
is pretty much aware of the world's problems and they don't
really need to have it all pointed out to them. Besides, it
makes the message unnecessarily long. I have therefore decided
to re-write this once again and limit myself to only listing the
events to come and explaining what everyone can do to save
themselves from destruction. What is about to happen in the
world will be unfair to all of us and people will need to know
the way out. The end times are upon us now, and the time has
come for the way out to be explained more clearly. I feel that
this is why I have been blessed with the ability to gain this
knowledge and I feel urgently pressed to share what I know with

First, I will list the events, complete with dates and biblical
references. The explicit detail given here will seem to be
just a bunch of nonsense I have pulled from out of the air. A
lot of tedious study went into this though, and I have not been
the only person involved in this study. I cannot give biblical
references for all of it because the bible simply does not
explain clearly enough, for it was not meant for this
information to become understood so clearly until close to the
time for it to happen.

1. Around New Year's, 1997- Saddam Hussein will defiantly
force President Clinton to make a move. Most likely, Saddam
will initiate another invasion and people will be slaughtered by
the hundreds, as was done in Kuwait.

2. At the end of January, President Clinton will launch a
massive strike against Iraq, and Saddam will be killed. This
will anger the Russians because Iraq still owes them money from
the cost of the war in 1990. As Russia is still having a hard
time financially since the collapse of the