Arch Bishop Romero was a truly amazing person in every single way. He was always a quite person but when he was appointed Arch Bishop he was now a very important person and people looked up to him and his decisions. When Romero really showed his voice and his position as Arch Bishop was when the government felt they had complete control over everyone and everything such as the Church. Romero knew this was not right and he could not sit back and watch, he took his role and fought for what he believed was right.

There were many incidents that contributed to the process in changing Arch Bishop Romero. First when he was appointed Arch Bishop he had to step up and fulfill the position which is a very big position to take on. When the Government started taking advantage of the citizens Romero did not act on it immediately. When a couple of civilians were killed Romero\'s attention to the actions the Government was taking grew but he still believed it was not really his place to step up and take them on. Then a bunch of people were traveling on a bus to the polls when there was a barricade set up by the government to stop the civilians from getting to the polls. The soldiers got everyone off the bus and shot up the bus to show that they are no one to be messed with. Next the Government invaded a mass were hundreds of Christians went to receive the Eucharist when they were interrupted by soldiers who began to shoot randomly. There were many deaths and Romero?s attention of what the Government was doing grew even more. When a priest and a young girl were killed Romero than knew it was his time to step in because this was an attack against the Church and he had to show the people of the church that there is nothing to worry about and that he will protect them just as he is suppose to as the Arch Bishop. These events lead to Romero standing up for what he believed and knew was right and what he had to do to protect his brothers and sisters of the Church and prove to the Government that they could not just walk over them, they are here to stay and here to put up a fight for what is right.

One of the forty statements we did that stood out to me on about this matter in the movie is, ?The human person quickly attempted to separate from the creator and chose to oppose God.? This I feel describes what the government was doing and Romero was trying to show them that there is no reason too because God had never done anything wrong to you and he will always love you. Romero is not trying to fight against them and show them that they are stronger and more powerful than them; he is trying to show them that they are wrong and that they should not rebel against the church because God has and will always be there for you and he has never done anything wrong against you and will never do anything against you to hurt you in anyway.

Romero?s personality really changes over time during the movie. He was at first a very quite and timid person and was not brave enough to express his opinion even though he knew it was right. When Romero was appointed Arch Bishop it was almost like a piece of Christ was put inside of him too. He was able to express his opinion and stand up for what is right just as Jesus did when he believed something was wrong and needed to be fixed. Jesus was killed because he stood up for something he believed in and put all his effort into making this right. Arch Bishop Romero was assassinated because he stood up for what he believed in and was not gonna stop until everything was fixed and how it should be. This is how Arch Bishop Romero is like a Christ figure.

Arch Bishop Romero is truly an amazing and inspiring person because he did what most people don?t do; he stood up for what he knew was right and he risked his life to show