In the future I will apply my critical thinking skills to my reading. I will do this by analzying the reading materials, I will consider all posibblities while over looking any materials. I will breakdown ideas and question them. Critical thinking will also infulence my writing as well. When writing I will be mindful to place my arguments will all well put together matter. Avoiding fallicilles that would refurte my claims are cause my argurment to be invaild. I Will also my sure my writing remains clear and articulte. Critical thinking has also changed the way I process information. Now when I think about things I take in to considerration who is providing me with this information. I call in to question the source of the information. I look for any weakness or strengths in the arguments and do a step by step process making sure I have thought through every detail ot idea of the argument.

I can apply my critical thinking skills to advertising, by looking for rhetoric devices. Some of these devices could be apple-polishing, or slanters that would give a negative or a positive position on the item being advertised. While with articles some of the skills I have learned to look for are certain persuasive writing techniques