Owen Napolitano
Science Block
November 14, 2011
Article Analysis
The name of the article I chose was World Series Alert: Watch Out for Foul Balls written by Sarah Simpson. David Velinsky was a very important person in this article. He is a marine biogeochemist. Before game six of the World Series the equipment managers rub the baseballs down with a special mud to take of the sheen. This article was released Thursday October 27, 2011. The places and location this took place at was the Cardinals stadium. They got the mud from the Delaware RiverThis information is important because putting the special mud on the baseballs makes it so when the pitchers lick their fingers for more grip its really like their licking the mud that was put on the ball to take off the sheen. They could get very sick from that sheen. If some of the players get sick then that could really hurt the team. When kids go to baseball games they love to catch baseballs if they come their way. If they do catch a baseball they tend to put their fingers in their mouths. They could get extremely sick from this. This article is really cool, it warned me to always be careful of what youíre touching and not to put your fingers in your mouth. If your kid gets sick then the parent might have to stay home from work and then the kid falls behind in school.
This discovery is important because this warns parents who bring their kids to make sure if they touch a baseball hit into the stands or just touch the ball that they wash there hands before anything. If the kid touches the sheen on the baseball and then touches other things it could spread quickly to other children. If someone gets sick and they are in the hospital it takes doctors away from patients with really big needs. Next time you touch a baseball think about the mud rubbed on it to take away the sheen which helps to keep people healthy.
The article talks about a few different jobs. It talks about playing Major league baseball. It talks about being the equipment manager for a baseball team and how they rub the mud on the baseballs to take off the sheen. Last of all it talked about the biogeochemist who is the scientific discipline that involves the study of the chemical, physical and biological processes and reactions that govern the composition of the natural environment. Playing Major League Baseball really interestís me because I love the game of baseball and just love to hit and throw. I think its cool that they get payed to do something fun and most of them get payed quite a bit of cash. Being an Equipment manager also really interests me because I love putting number stickers and team stickers on helmets. I like to wash the jerseys and go hang them on their lockers. Being a Biogeochemist does not interest me at all. Im not really into the stuff they do. But I bet if I studied the stuff they do outdoors more I would start to like it because its interesting but I just donít think it would be the job for me.
Harvested: The gathering of crops.
Sentence: I had to wake up early to help my Dad harvest the crops.

Tributary: A stream that flows into a larger stream, or body of water.
Sentence: I canoed right through a tributary last week while I was on vacation in the sunshine state, which is Florida.

Decaying: To become decomposed, rot.
Sentence: I forgot to check my crops for 2 weeks and they were decaying so I had to throw them away.

Sheen: luster, brightness, radiance.
Sentence: The sheen from the street light outside my window kept me up all night.