The video gave me an overview of values and work ethics of that of Asian kids and American kids. In the video, the American kids seemed more relax and more lay back, while the Asian kids tend to study more. Why is that? To me, I think Chinese kids in particular had hard work incorporated in their culture. For example, American has advance technology which makes life?s everyday task easier while the Asian don?t. They must do everything manually from washing dishes to washing clothes, while the American have dish washer, washer and dryer. American has cars to take them from place to place compare to the Asian who can only afford bikes. For most Asian, if you want to get somewhere you must walk there or bike there, either way it must be done manually by sheer human power. Therefore, technology have encourage American culture to be more relax or lazy. My philosophy didn?t just start with technology. It can also relate to the difference styles of farming, Chinese farmer that grew rice work more than twice as hard as Americans that grew wheat. According to the book the Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, rice farmers rise before dawn everyday and work three thousand hours a year compare to the American and European farmers that only plant the seed in the Spring and harvest in the Fall. Rice farming doesn?t just end after Fall or sit there waiting for rain to grow the crops, rice farming involves hard work ethic. One must rise before dawn everyday to check the water level, fix the dike, and evenly plant the seeds. When the dry season comes, the rice farmer don?t just sit there and wait for it to go away, they busy themselves with other task to make money such as making baskets or tofu and of good to be sold at the market. It is this type of hard work and dedication that is incorporate into to Asian culture that is past down from generation to generation, that sets Asian and American students apart. Asian parent were brought up in this type of hard working culture and therefore, they strictly enforces it in their children.