Many of us lose sight of who we are after many years at the same job, raising a family and upholding responsibilities. Becoming a student again is a chance for you to reconnect with yourself. It is the opportunity to explore, find and create new interests and passions. You are able to let your guard down and become a student again, rather than always feeling the pressure of being the mother, father, teacher, or provider.
The tragic loss of my mother in 2006 is one of the many encouragements of mine. I made a promise to my mother that I?d go back to school to get a better education for myself so I could provide for my family. I wanted to prove to her that I was more than just a stay at home mom. I would soon make something of myself. I would become a teacher. Providing education to students is something I could see myself doing.
It's virtually impossible to be bored or stagnant with a job as challenging as teaching. Your brain is constantly engaged in creative ways as you work to solve a multitude of daily problems that you've never faced before. Teachers are lifelong learners who relish the chance to grow and evolve. Moreover, the innocent enthusiasm of your students will keep you young as they remind you to smile through even the most frustrating moments.
Christ was the best teacher; He left a tremendous impact through his teaching. Therefore, I imitate him. To make an impact in the lives of the learners, for them to have an impact in the society, I want to become a teacher to positively have an impact on others.
People often ask me, ?April, what does it take to be successful? You seem to have no obstacles in life and doing very well!? After I laugh really hard people are surprised when I reveal my situation. From the outside it appears I am doing better than I am. Yet, I struggle with the same obstacles in life that affect one.
However, I am aware the obstacles in life are temporary. And most important, I removed the biggest obstacle in life out of the way. Want to know what it was? The biggest obstacle in life was, ?ME!? Yep! Little Ole Me! Specifically, it was my thoughts about myself that created the obstacles in life and held me back for so long. I could just kick myself! Fortunately, life has a way of putting obstacles in your path that force you to go beyond the limited boundaries set by us.
Sure, it feels uncomfortable at first, the one begins to realize something, it was the fear of the unknown that caused you to question and doubt yourself. Those obstacles in life should be used as a springboard to reach new heights and to experience new things .Or, would you rather complain for the rest of your life about the imaginary obstacles in life you could not overcome? One is aware the obstacles in life are not real right? One created them and one can get rid of them. Whether they arise from your personal past or are part of the life path. Obstacles are good for getting you out of old habits, teaching you about the way the world works, and making you grow stronger and more flexible. We all hope our life will be a "cake walk", but your obstacles make you work for what you want and keep you fit and healthy in the process. Life can be either a merry-go-round or a roller coaster. One can either keep going around in circles or take a ride with lots of ups and downs. Sometimes, obstacles make you change course or rethink your approach to a person, issue, or next step. They can often work as guides pointing you, if you are willing to listen, in the direction of a better path. Sometimes, they are just like a porter on a train, checking to make sure you have the right ticket and are catching the right train. In hindsight, some obstacles do one a favor. Sometimes going around in circles is the right way because that is the only path that leads one out of a maze.
Going back to school is something that should be taken very seriously. I have overcome many