The goal of academic writing is providing an audience with information on a particular topic, or topics, in a precise, professional manner. Writing effectively involves stating a clear and concise purpose, while presenting your information in a manner simple enough for the readers to fully understand the subject, and balancing that with a professional, academic tone.
The purpose of the writing is to let the reader know what the article is going to convey. By using tone, it allows the reader to get an idea of how the writer feels on the subject, without having to hear them speak, similar to inflection in a voice. The tone of an author depends on the audience they are delivering to. The content is what impacts the reader, and how they decide how they feel about the subject of the writing. A reader should be able to easily follow your story, and it should flow from point to point, with clear and concise statements. By the end of the reading, the audience should have no question about the subject of which they read.
Writing to a group can be on a varying number of topics, and can be in a formal or informal setting, but should always be presented in a clear, concise, and professional manner, with the appropriate language and wording for academic use.