People believe what they feel and when their experiences are supported by the biggest forces known to us – the stars and planets, people take great satisfaction whenever their preconceptions match their surroundings.
I recorded my horoscopes for three days, my horoscopes were so strikingly similar to the emotions I have felt these past few days. I had ended a friendship and was quite harsh and straightforward to the person, it was hours after this had happened that I read that day’s horoscope. It told me to work on my sensitivity and said that my detachment could be either be an asset or my biggest enemy whether it had been one or the other, time would tell. All horoscopes I’ve read are like a whisper, they aren’t very direct and usually contain an undertone that I can’t always figure out. The horoscope that most stood out used an anomaly of an impatient race horse who’d be crammed, pacing behind a starting gate, it encouraged me to be patient and assured me that the wait would soon be over. I had been waiting for an email for months, and It really stressed it out because it would determine an important part of my future. I would often act out and get overwhelmed by my situation. When I read my horoscope, amazed with its accuracy, it calmed me and I had a sense of long overdue stability. I received the email a couple hours later.
Though there is a certain ambiguity in horoscopes and I think since there’s really no wrong way to perceive yourself then its understandable why people find value in horoscopes; they let you create a truth you’d like to see confirmed in writing, and that is a very easy thing to believe in.