In Act 1 you are introduced to Floyd Wells for the first time. Wells, a former employee at River Valley Farm, was Dick?s first cellmate at the Kansas State Penitentiary, and the first to inform Dick what a score might be had by robbing the Clutter household. Upon hearing the news of the murders, he realizes that Dick must be the perpetrator, and presents his account to the authorities at the prison. The KBI investigative unit is elated to receive this lead, and Agent Nye pays a visit to the parents of Dick Hickcock, who offer some clues about Dick?s early life. Though a decent student and talented athlete, as a young man Dick could not afford to attend college. Instead, at the age of nineteen he married a sixteen-year-old girl named Carol, and the pair had three children. They spent several years living above their means and accruing debt, and Dick began to gamble and write bad checks before finally divorcing Carol for another woman. Eventually, Dick was sent to prison for theft, where he met Perry and others. However, for the few months prior to the fateful night of November 14th, Dick had been living peacefully in his parents? home, earning an honest living at the Bob Sands Auto Shop. On that night, he convinced his parents that he would be accompanying Perry to meet Perry?s sister in Fort Scott, where she was holding a sum of fifteen hundred dollars for Perry. Dick and Perry, hitchhiking in Nebraska, hatch a plan to murder and rob the motorists who offer rides to them, but are repeatedly thwarted. Crossing the border into Iowa, they take refuge from a rainstorm in an empty barn, where they find and steal a 1956 Chevrolet. From here they make their way to Kansas City, where Dick goes on another shopping spree with bad checks. Perry is uneasy with the prospect of being so close to the Kansas authorities, and wary of Dick?s recklessness, but he complies grudgingly. The KBI detectives continue to seek out the relatives and acquaintances of Perry and Dick. Agent Nye visits the boardinghouse in Las Vegas where Perry is reported to have stayed, and discovers a cardboard box filled with his possessions. He then seeks out Barbara, Perry?s sister, in her San Francisco home, where she admits to being ?afraid? of her brother. As children, she relates, they were inseparable, but she became fearful of his ?wild? tendencies as he grew into adulthood. Perry, for his part, resents the education that Barbara and their two other siblings received while he was confined to trapping furs with his father in Alaska. The Kansas City police, meanwhile, have identified the stolen Chevrolet, which has been traced to the fugitives. Dick and Perry have made their way to Miami Beach with the earnings from Dick?s spree, where they spend Christmas. Dick flirts with a young girl on the beach, which Perry observes with disgust: Perry has ?no respect for people who can?t control themselves sexually.? The murders continue to haunt the town of Holcomb. Bobby Rupp and Susan Kidwell mourn the loss of their friend during the holiday season, and Bobby reminisces about happy Christmas days spent at the Clutter house. Dick and Perry continue to roam the countryside, one day meeting up with an old man and his grandson, who teach them to collect bottles on the roadside to exchange for refund deposits. On the evening of December 30th, Alvin Dewey receives a phone call, informing him that Perry Smith and Dick Hickcock have been arrested in Las Vegas.