In both plays, each character began as "common". Jones was even portrayed to be a criminal at one point in his life. They were brought to power by different reasons. Jones� reason was his deception towards his people and Macbeth?s position was appointed to him. Both of these men continued to strive for absolute power. Their selfish and ambitious nature drove them to be power-hungry. This became the tragic flaw in their character. In both plays, the leader realizes that his time as ruler may soon come to and end when the people of the story revolt against him. This did not have as much effect on either of the men because of the fantasy that had been created by their own minds. Jones believed that he can not be killed unless it is of a silver bullet, Macbeth believed that he can not be killed unless it is by one not born of woman. Having absolute power had led these men to think that they were immortal and invincible. However as the story progresses we are shown that they are not immortal.