Hello gals and guys! Here we go, yet again, on another phenomenal journey in hopes to raise money in something our team is so compassionate about. We hope, in reading this, that you become inspired to make an impact on the hope for a cure, whether it be signing up yourself for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or simply donating to our fundraising campaign.

Three million human beings are living with breast cancer, and one third do not even know it. Even worse, breast cancer kills one life approximately every thirteen minutes. Breast cancer is not subjective to women, as almost 15,000 are men. Even worse, these lives are not distant to us, as the cancer can be robbing of our mothers, fathers, relatives, and friends. Without prevention and unknowing of the cause, there is currently no cure.

That brings us to you, the reader. Just as cancer patients cannot survive without the love and compassion from others, our team will only be able to succeed with the help of others! Our hopes are to far exceed in raising $2,000 with your help. Whether the donation is five dollars or five hundred, every single cent is recognized and appreciated!

You can make a donation to our fundraising campaign right here on the website by clicking on the pink "Donate Now" button. If you prefer to write a check, just contact me and I'll send you the information and form!
Warm Regards and Thank you!