Feb. 19. 2010
English 201
_Ralph Ellison ?Battle Royal? from The Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison discovered himself to be an invisible man, simply because people refused to neither see him nor hear him meaning he was paid no mind. He was looking for himself, but he was asking everyone except himself he turned everywhere and everywhere he turned someone tried to tell him what it was he needed to do. He had to come to his sense and realize that he?s nobody but himself so he should make his own decisions.

Responsibility rests upon recognition and recognition is a form of agreement was what he said this happen to catch my eye out of most of the things that was said by him I
Believe this was an important quote out of the story that is true. To me this meant understanding what was important to you once it is understood, responsibility plays a major part in one?s life, which is one of the things the ?invisible man? needed to gain fast. Holding up to obligations take patience and time. Therefore every individual must believe within themselves and agreement to achieve each goal.

In order to achieve and believe one must always be responsible to obtain what life holds for each person. I believe this is what the ?Invisible Man? was trying to do. I say this because he said he has been asking everyone things and then he finally had to realize it was questions he was asking that only he could answer. So when a person is willing to take that stand, they then began to recognize what is really important and how to maintain it. Most important they agree to hold on to their dreams and goals by being responsible.

Its only going to be all on you and the decisions you make. Do what you have to do and everything not perfect sometimes you have to fall and that helps lead you to the right direction. I?m sure this piece has changed the minds of a lot of people who may have read it. It makes you think about the importance of having responsibilities and the thoughts and emotions that come along with them. So the narrator may be trying to say that people need responsibility in order to feel important. A person without any responsibilities doesn?t have anything to worry about and nothing to take care of so its like it gives them a sense that nothing matters it?s like they don?t matter. But they do matter and they are still responsible for their own actions.

I can also compare this quote to myself because there was a point in time in my life when I didn?t know if I should go to college or not. I looked all around for answers some people gave me positive answers and some were negative. I looked for answers everywhere. I asked everyone but myself of what it was that I really wanted to do with my life, than the day finally came to me when I said to myself why am I going around asking everyone questions which I and only I could answer. I had to realize that I am nobody but myself and any decision I make depends on me and only me because at the end I would be responsible for all of my actions not any of the people that I was asking. I had to think what would benefit me and not anyone else so I decided to go to college and I feel now that I made the best decision because I love school and I want to be someone I life not only because people doubted me but also because I know I can and will be somebody. I will also be the first in my family to graduate from college and that means a lot to me. So the piece I decided to write on what I thought it meant was very interesting and it may mean many things to other people but this is what it was to me, also this quote may have gotten a person to easily recognize someone in public who holds no responsibilities or meaning in life.