A Man For All Seasons

Toni Morrison's Beloved Summary When the slave-girl Sethe is 13, she arrives at the plantation "Sweet Home", where she gets married to Halle and has three children with him. After the farm is overtaken by a cruel master, the slaves try to escape, but they are caught and punished severely. Sethe suffers an act of abuse by two white boys and
escapes in the woods, where she gives birth to her fourth child. After a short period of recovering in the free states, her former owner tries to recapture her, which drives her in the attempt to kill her children, resulting in the death of one daughter. Finding release
from the death-penalty, she ends up living alone with her daughter in a haunted house.
When Paul D, a former slave and friend of Sethe returns, the ghost, Sethe's murdered child, is not finally successful in drivig him away, so she disappears herself. -- Cultural Milieu "Beloved" is based on an ex-slave that is living with the haunting memories of her past. The book tells of Sethe's desire to kill her children rather than to have her and them
returned to slavery. She did not want to see them have to experience the same evils that
she and her husband had experienced at the hands of her former owner Schoolteacher.
Sethe knew that the beatings, raping, and abuse of her and her people was wrong and she
would have rather killed her children than to let them return to that inhumane form of
life. This book also shows how one man's desire to do right by another man only hinders
the already strained relationship he is involved in with Sethe. This book shows the reality
and the inner workings of the Underground Railroad. Sethe's home was a way point for
that railroad until Baby Suggs' death and Sethe's killing of her newborn baby "Beloved".
At that point it tells of another fundamental belief amongst people, and that is one of
spirits and ghosts. Biography
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Toni Morrison(Chloe
Wofford) was born on Feb. 18, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio. She was born the granddaughter of
a former slave. Her grandfather traveled north from Alabama to settle in Ohio, by way of
Kentucky. Her father's upbringing was during one of the most murderous times for blacks
in American history. She was raised in a household which was heavily influenced by
slavery and white supremacist' fears, as well as the need for education. Morrison's writing
style stems from having fallen in love with words. From that love she inspires young
writers, and also people like Muhammad Ali and Angela Davis. What the Critics Said
"Beloved" is a wonderful story about the lives of a former slave and her remaining
daughter. I shall hail this book as quite possibly one of the best books I've read in a while.
This tale was able to weave history, fears, ghosts, and the reality of 19th century life all
into one dramatic tale best read with a compassionate eye. Michiko Kakutani of the NY
Times wrote "there is a contemporaneous quality to time past and time present as well as
a sense that the lines between reality and fiction, truth and memory have become
inextricably blurred". She goes onto say "This is a dazzling novel." Margaret Atwood said
"If there were any doubts about her stature as a pre-eminent American novelist, of her
own or any other generation, "Beloved" will put them to rest". She also goes on to say
"An epigraph to a book is like a key signature in music, and "Beloved" is written in
major". Excerpts from the Novel This excerpt is related to the topic of discrimination in
slavery and the injustice which has happened. Chronologically, the excerpt takes place
when Stamp Paid tells Paul D. that Sethe once tried to kill all of her children. Stamp has
a newspaper that contains an article about the killing, but Paul D. does not believe its
truth, because there is only one reson a slave would be in a newspaper. "A whip of fear
broke through the heart chambers as soon as you saw a Negro's face in a paper, since the
face was not there because the person had been killed, or maimed or caught or burned or
jailed or whipped or evicted or stomped or raped or cheated,