The video by Ben Owens is basically a beginners guide to be successful in taking an exam. He starts by saying that we should start studying early and often. I have noticed that many people, including myself, end up studying a few days before the exam. This is actually a terrible idea because learning takes time and rushing to get everything done in the last minute leads to poor performance in exams. He also says that we should have a list of things to study. When there is a list, we can always double check to see if everything on the list has been accomplished. A list is a great way to check your status and get a better understanding the amount of studying that needs to be done.
Another tip Ben gives us is to first review a problem and then try to do similar problems on our own. This gives us an idea of how comfortable we are with those particular types of problems. If we struggle with those problems then we know that we need to study more. He also suggests writing down all the formulas needed for an exam before you actually began taking the exam. This is a great way for us to not forget the formulas that we have memorized. Lastly, he tells us to do a practice exam with friends and/or classmates. This way we can help each other if someone is struggling with a particular problem and also find out if there is something that you may have missed during lecture.
Overall, I believe the tips given to us by Ben Owens are very helpful. I will definitely start taking his advice, especially the one about studying early and often. I believe that if I follow the tips given by Ben, I can do much better on future exams.
Swarupa Senapati