Benefits of our current technology
Janette Fletes
July 12, 2015
Barbara Baethe
Benefits of our current technology
With today\'s technology being very advanced, there are many pros and cons we deal with every day. How often do you use your cellphone? One way we use our cell phones is by storing all kinds of personal information. We don\'t even have to remember anyone\'s number anymore, our cell phones do all the work for us. On the other hand, have you ever used your phone so much that you ignored the ones around you? It is too easy to get hooked on our cellphones watching videos or updating the status on our Facebook page. Our generations\' technology is helpful by being able to stay in close contact with friends and family, paying for groceries with our finger prints, and having new 3d printers available, but they all come with a bad side as well.
With today\'s technology, we can stay in close contact with family through social media and apps. We might not see family members in person every day, but through social media we can catch those special moments. For example, as of today, there are more than 936 million people connected to Facebook on a daily basis. It has become a habit to be constantly updating our status and posts photos of ourselves and loved ones. Everyone likes to share their most memorable moments. It is very easy to stay connected, being able to access social media through our cell phones and tablets. Even our young children know how to operate social medias, many kids are connected with their own profiles. Although, we might not be able to spend time personally with family members across the country, social media makes it easy to stay connected and watch those special moments with loved ones.
Today\'s technology is so advanced that now we can even pay for our groceries and other merchandise with our finger prints. Paying for groceries with our finger prints is very convenient in many ways. You no longer have to worry about carrying cash or your credit cards around with you. It is a good possibility this will help lower the number of assaults. Another benefit to paying for your goods with your finger prints is a shorter wait time. Many times, we are in a rush, we want to pay for our groceries and leave fast. Well, this new technology has accomplished just that. Another problem we might encounter that can be avoided is forgetting your money to pay for your goods. If we can pay for our goods with our finger prints, that problem will no longer be. Our finger prints are with us at all times, making it easy fast and convenient to use this new technology to pay for our goods.
3d printers is one our generations newest inventions. Just like a regular printer, it is used to make copies. But, Instead of making paper copies, you can make copies of plastic objects. The new 3d printers are currently new in the market. This new technology can be costly when purchased, but will save you money on future products, because instead of buying something you need or want, you will be able to scan the object and reprint another one just like it. With today\'s technology being so advanced, we can save money and be productive.
With today\'s technologies being part of our everyday use, it can be easy to let it take over our lives. Just the way the technology we use is very helpful in many ways, it can also be very damaging. For example, it\'s great to stay in touch with our loved ones, but social media can also be dangerous when you\'re constantly updating post on your location all day. There has been devastating news on people going missing because they met with a stranger, on the same social media we all use. Also, how great is it that we can pay for groceries with our fingerprints? Soon we will no longer have to carry cash around all the time. The negative side to this new idea is, there are many hackers, which make it much easier to steal some ones identity along with all their personal