Black Families In Mental Health

What is mental health? A lot of times when we think of mental health we think it just has something to do with just the brain. Mental health is a person's condition with their psychological and emotional well being. Any part of the body including the brain can get sick. Yes you have to be physically healthy but also mentally. It all combines in one to consider being all around "healthy". Below I will be discussing mental health in black families and comparing and contrasting articles views and points on why it's important.

Mental Health in all races are important, but mental health within the black race is more important because it differs from the other races. Black people as a whole are more likely to get certain things than other races. According to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health Illness), African Americans are 20% more likely to experience more serious mental health problems than the other general population (African American Mental Health,2017) .This article give the readers their view on what they think cause the mental health issue and what could be a possible solution or next steps to take upon finding out. There are many factors that can contribute mental health issues among blacks such as, depression, Suicide, Post traumatic stress disorder and ADHD. These are the most common disorders that can make a person at risk or affect their health. Suicide in young black men are becoming more and more effective each day. There are reasons behind this of course. When thinking about mental health you have to dig deeper. For example: A person could be having a hard time and just feel that life is getting too hard for them to bare. You can break off into a great depression because life seems as though it will not get better because it's at the worse point.Being homeless is a big factor in this because you just feel like you're at your lowest point. You start think about will this be a permanent thing or is this just temporary pain that you are feelings. Also another thing is violence or domestic abuse. African Americans sometimes are more likely to get abused than other races. Being in relationships or even some family with abuse you. Even though that physical abuse it still affects you mentally because you have all kind of thoughts running through your head thinking why is this happening to me? You have to dig deeper in history to be able to understand things and how they come about. Yes this is a difficult topic for anybody to talk about and you would think that the person experiencing this would want help right? This is not always the case because most of the time African American have trouble with recognizing thing and changes going on with them. This leads to more problems because you can't tell what's actually going on. Most African American people are very religious. Sometimes the person may start to feel like this is a punishment from god and feel shame to even talk to anyone about it. Don't get me wrong God is also a go to for strength and this is where they get the courage and motivation from to continue to live on. In this article, they state that " Historically, African Americans have been and still are mistreated and affected by discrimination in the healthcare system"(African American Mental Health, 2017). While reading this, I gathered that they feel like African Americans have been misdiagnosed and should be careful how they seek treatment and the doctor that they see. They feel that yes as a "Black" person you may want to find a doctor of your race but there are not a a lot of them out there in that field that can actually help you. When trying to locate and find help you should ask the necessary and appropriate questions to see if the person you've found will be much help to you.
Next, I read upon an article by Inger E. Burnett-Zeigler call "Mental Health in the Black Community: A Matter of Life and Death". She is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor of