10# The 7 contributions of black studies that established its academic and social relevance is contribution to humanities understanding of itself. Second its contribution to the US society?s understanding itself. Third its relevance as a contribution to the university?s realization of its clam and challenge to teach the whole truth fourth is its relevance as a contribution to the rescue and reconstruction of black history and humanity. Fifth is a critical contribution to a new social science which not only benefits blacks the US. Sixth is the contribution to the development of socially conscious black intelligentsia and professional stratum. Seventh, it?s a vital contribution to the critique, resistance and reversal of the progressive Europeanization of human consciousness and culture.

2# Euro centrism is defined as an ideology and practice of domination and exclusion based on the fundamental assumption that all relevance and values are centered in European culture and people are the best marginal and worse irrelevant. The different is afro centricity is not built on or conceived as s denial of worth and values to others, it?s a methodology.

3# The project of sankofa is the historical recovery to every field in Black studies, to return and recover it. The goal is to return the rich resource of the African past or history and using it as a foundation improve the present and encance the future. Sankofa means to look back in order to go forward, understand the past for future.

4# Their were many contentions of Washington, DuBois and Garvey. Washington argued that vocational education was key to Black economic success and urged Blacks to get into practical occupations. Dubois advocated a multidimensional education which would enable Blacks to grasp, confront and be effective in society and the world. He also insisted on confrontational activities in the struggle for social, political and economic rights and gains. Garvey in my opinion had the strongest bold views, he posited ?Race First? as a principle of theory and practice. He believed to see god through ones own eyes, black people must see god in their own image and interests.