Breast Cancer-What are the chances?
Dina Price
University of Phoenix
Professor Kevin Philips
March 7, 2016
People have their own theories on how they can reduce their chances of getting breast cancer. Even though some of these theories have not yet been proven to work. It is everyone\'s own opinion, but there is never a wrong or right answer. With all the research we have around us all of our own thoughts on how we can reduce the risks of getting breast cancer can somehow in a way can help. Women should be aware and take steps to help themselves because breast cancer can be prevented by keeping your weight in check, avoid too much alcohol, and by breast feeding.
First of all, by maintaining a healthy weight breast cancer can be prevented. "It can be confusing to read all the stories in the media about certain foods. Nutrition is a young science. Each study is filling in another small piece of knowledge." -- Diana Dyer, M.S., R.D. Being overweight can have a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. No one ever realizes that weight is factor of breast cancer developing. Studies have been shown that woman who have gained weight after the diagnosis of breast cancer. A person should aim to walk at least 3 to 4 hours per week to start. Having a low fat diet may have a chance of reduction of breast cancer and the coming back of breast cancer. The research of diet for breast cancer is an ongoing study for breast cancer and nothing really has been proven quite yet.
Second, they say that by avoiding too much alcohol can reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. Alcohol may be good for our hearts, but when it comes down to cancer it does nothing good for it. There are some studies that have shown that the relative risks of getting breast cancer was increase by seven percent. Alcohol has a way of changing a woman\'s body estrogen, in which in turn can risk breast cancer. By trying to drink one drink a day and no more than that has a better chance of reducing someone developing breast cancer.
Finally, by a women breastfeeding their child they have a good chance of reducing the risk of breast cancer. There was a pooled number of data that came from 47 studies, mothers who breastfed for a lifetime total (combined duration of breastfeeding for all children) of one year were slightly less likely to get breast cancer than those who never breastfed. (Komen 2015) There are a number of reasons to breast feed for the benefit of their own child\'s health, but woman on the other hand they may consider the fact in might reduce the risk of breast cancer to them. As this woman said, "There a number of reasons to breast feed, but with the possibility of having a better chance of reducing the risk of breast is even better."
Both woman and men have their own theories on how to reduce the risk of breast cancer, but nothing has been proven. Woman and men really should be aware of their health. As humans we may not have all the right mind sets, but having knowledge is the best mind set. Living and maintaining a healthy way of life to reduce the chances of breast cancer is a risk, but can help. With all that I have learned throughout this research I am hoping that one day one of these steps will help every woman out there a better chance at being cancer free.

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