Literary Analysis: By the waters of Babylon

In the story by the waters of Babylon by Stephen Vincent Benet, the author brings out the theme of entriquility and seeking knowledge. The theme is best explained by the main character john as he seeks for knowledge. Despite the traditional laws or rules forbidden one to go into the place of the gods. And the many warnings he encounters and instead trusts his intuition and goes to discover the truths that will change the tribes and his life for the good or the bad.
For example Stephen uses the eagle as a symbol of freedom. ??waiting for a sign. The sign was an eagle. It flew east? (Benet 578).The eye of the eagle symbolizes freedom which shows that john has the freedom to go were he wishes at his own rise. This shows he is willing to go and risk his life to find the truth about what his tribe beliefs in.
Benet also uses imagery to convey the theme. An example of it would be when john walk to the place of the gods. ?It felt like ground underfoot: it did not burn me? (Benet 581).This conveys to the knowledge in the way he now knows that all the stories his father and tribe had said were a lie. However the ground didn?t burn his feet in which his dad said it would.
In this story there is a lot of figurative language in which the author expresses some metaphors. ?I tried to think of my knowledge but it was a squirrels heap of nuts? (Benet 580). John is showing that knowledge can help you pass the bad spirits yet he has forgotten all that he has learned.
In conclusion the story shows that seeking knowledge gives you the strength to go out and risk your life to find the truth. It also explains and sends out a message that human society is capable of destroying its civilization. So that people shouldn?t have to much power at once or else their come consequences.