Career Research and Preparation:
Career Field- Bachelor s Degree in Healthcare Administration
Kiara Baisden
Diane Agene
June 05, 2017

There are many different career paths in life to choose from and they all require many different things. There are three different levels of Healthcare Administrative positions which are Entry level, mid-level, and senior level Health Administration. As an Healthcare Administrator the contact level with others is extremely higher because in this particular career field they come into contact with members of communities, patients, nurses, vendors, trustees, and organizational staff . ( 1999-2017). Healthcare Administration Majors Guide,. ( ) . The Healthcare profession requires little to no clinical practice, and can be studied online, especially for those who would like to further their career in that particular field. Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration it requires classes such as Principles of Leadership, Fundamentals of Private Sector Finance, Health Law and Policy, Risk Management for Healthcare, and Management for Healthcare and Operations . (1999-2017).Healthcare Administration Majors Guide,.() . In order to possibly be considered for an entry- level position management position, employers look for candidates with the appropriate educational and work experience. Healthcare administration majors should exhibit excellent communication skills, understand basic management concepts, and possess the leadership qualities needed for the position. Students are encouraged to look to look for volunteer or internship positions with healthcare providers to supplement their coursework . ( 1999-2017).Healthcare Administration Majors Guide,.() Th e minimum educational requirements for this field are: Bachelor's Degree and the Special Certification or Licensures depends on the type of facility that is being managed; for example, nursing home administrators often must be registered nurses themselves. With all of the information that I have gathered and learned from doing research on Healthcare Administration, as I further my education in the program I think that surrounding myself around people in this particular career path will help prepare me for my future position when the time comes. I can start setting up scheduled a appointments with Healthcare Administrators in different facilities such as Nursing homes, hospitals, project managers etc. so that I shall be able to get a feel and also having options that best suit me after graduation.

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