Carly Abromowitz

Essay #1 - How SYSL Has Affected my Life

March 16, 1999

My involvement in the SYSL soccer program has affected who I am

and the way I perceive myself in many ways. I started playing soccer for

school at age ten, and joined SYSL at age twelve. I do not know exactly

what drew me to the sport of soccer, but I always enjoyed watching it

growing up. Thinking back I believe that it may have had to do with the

aggressiveness and constant motion of the sport,

One of the best things about organized sports such

as SYSL is all of the great friends I have made though my teams.

Between all the time that we have spent together, the victory and the

defeats, I feel like we are all a family. I have very fond memories of the trips

we took to play, whether we won or lost. Being on the team has also

brought me closer to my father who is one of the coaches. When I play he

seems so proud of me and has always pushed me to do my best. Playing

soccer has made me very proud of myself and all in all raised my self-

confidence. There has been no better feeling for me than to score the

winning goal for my team, see all the happy faces and know that I had a

part of that. I have been the captain of my team for the past three years

and feel that I have done my best as a leader. Physically, soccer has also

helped me improve myself. I attribute my acceleration in gym class and on

physical fitness tests to my years of soccer. In regard of all this I think that

the most important thing that I have gotten from soccer is the valuable

lesson in teamwork that I have learned.

There are no words to thoroughly explain how SYSL has

Affected every aspect of my life. I wish to continue to play soccer through

college, and maybe even on an adult league after I graduate. No matter what comes of my future in soccer I will never forget my SYSL teams and will only have fond memories.