Just One Real Estate located at 14 Chapel Road Bankstown. In this agency we have 8 employees. There are three sales people, two receptionist, one director, one licensee and one property manager.
Mr Peter Roberts a licensee in charge of the agency, is in a relationship with Miss Alex Ward one of the receptionist.
On the 22nd of October 2010, Mr Pitt a highly respected client of the agency, was interested in buying a property worth 2.4 million dollars. On arrival to the agency he spoke to Angelina the other receptionist that worked also at the agency. Angelina has been at the agency for six years at pays hourly rate. She provides a happy atmosphere to the workers and the clients. So on the day Mr Pitt arrive to consult about the property Angelina welcomed Mr Pitt. Angelina was told to consult Mr Pitt on what property he was interested in as James Tobin one of the sales people who usually consulted Mr Pitt was not available. Angelina then issued another consultation where Mr Pitt can meet with James.
One week later Mr Pitt arrives back at the agency and he meets Miss Alex Ward. He asks that he has an appointment with James, she replies back in a very disrespectful way and tells Mr Pitt to come back some day. She provided no appointment to Mr Pitt and rudely turns her back on him and continues speaking on her mobile and giving negative body language to Mr Pitt. Mr Pitt leaves really upset and decides to deal with another agency.
A few hours later James receives a phone call from Mr Pitt telling him he decides to go to another agency because he was disrespected by the receptionist. James very furious begins to yell and curse at Miss Alex, telling her that he lost a big deal with one of his well known respected clients. Alex then replies that she was never told that he was coming in for an appointment and was never told to call James.
Mr Roberts after hearing the big arguments come out to see what the problem is, he is then informed about the situation and become very angry. Mr Roberts then fires James and Angelina as Mr Roberts believed that it was their fault for their loss and was favouring Miss Alex.
A few months later the agency lost most of its clients due to situations at the agency it is on the fall of closing down. Mr Roberts approaches James asking for help to fix the problems at the agency and has understood that firing him was a mistake. James agrees on one condition that Angelina returns to the agency.
The problems that are existing in this agency are:
1. Miss Alex is being favourite among the other employees
2. Loss of income and sales due to negative behaviour
3. Unfair dismissal by Mr Roberts
4. Bad working environment due to arguments
5. Unequal pay for work
- Unequal pay for workers
- Employees are not treated the same
- Bad working environment
- Less employees due to loss of income coming to the agency
- Mr Robert realised that what he was doing was wrong
- The improvement of the workplace environment could help employees work better
- Could improve pay