Catcher in the Rye - Chapter Summaries

Chapter one:

*Starts off in a mental hospital somewhere near hollywood. Holden Caufield is the narrator and begins to tell the story through a flashback. His flashback starts off with him standing alone on a hill looking down on a football game.
He was watching the game because he got home early from the fencing match because he left all of the teams gear on the subway (he was the manager for the team). Holden was waiting for an ending to his private highschool days at pency (he was kicked out because of the academic policy, he just wasn't up to par and failing out). So he leaves the football game and heads for Old Spencer's house his history teacher. He arrives at Old spencer's house and Mrs. Spencer answers the door and he asks her how Old Spencer is doing.

Chapter two:

*He goes into Old Spencer's room. Old Spencer explains to him why he had to fail him (because he knew nothing). He asks if he had seen Dr. Thurmer (the head guy at pencey) and holden tells him yeah and that he told him about how life was a game. Spencer plainly tells holden that thurmer is right. Then Spencer reads holden's paper he wrote about some egyption crap and aloudly reads the note that holden had written to him at the end of it. Spencer asks him if he's thought about his future. Then holden tells spencer that he has to go to the gym and says goodbye not feeling one bit like he was getting the hell out of pencey.

Chapter three:

*Holden reveals how much of a lyar he is. He didn't really have to go to the gym to check equipment he just wanted to get out of there. He then talks about where his room is at pencey and how its in a hall named after Ossinburger some fat guy who donated alot of money to the school. He remembers of the time when Edgar Marsalla fladulated loudly during some speach that ossiburger gave during church. He then made it to his room where he was happy to be (his room had two of everything) he sat down in a chair put on the hat he had bought earlier in new york and started to read Out Of Africa. Then as he had finished about three pages Ackley(a disgustingly poor hygenic guy who liked to pick at his pimples)came into the room. Ackley asked about Stradlater (holden's roomate) where he was and keeping tabs on him coz he hated him so much. Then stradlater asked to borrow holden's new houndstooth jacket and he acted like he was in a hurry to get all gussied up (he left his date sitting in the annex so he could get all fixed up) Then ackley decided to leave(basically because he couldn't stand stradlater) Then stradlater tells holden he's goin to the can to shave.

Chapter four:

*Holden has nothing to do so he goes with stradlater to the can. He sits there and watches him (stradlater is a secret slob he has a rusty razor but he always has a clean shave and spends alot of time fixing himself up). So holden aks about his date and stradlater tells him she knows him and that its jean gallagher (she was a girl he spent alot of time with over the summer and knew her well) Then holden gets all excited and keeps sayin he should go say hello to her and how he wonders if she still keeps all her kings in the backrow still. He never gets up enough nerve to go say hello to her so he tells stradlater to. Then stradlater asks him to do an english composition for him describing anything. Holden says he will do it if he has enough time. Then they go up to their room agian and stradlater spends more time infront of the mirror. Then ackley leaves and holden sits there thinking only of jean and can't get his mind off of her then ackley comes in and bothers him again (holden is happy tho coz its keeping him from thinking about her)

Chapter five:

*Holden decides to go out for something to eat and see a movie with Mal Brossard and he invites Ackley